Tweedcast Digital Creations Truck Series

Series Details

Vehicles: NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 & Toyota Tundra
Setup: iRacing Fixed
Fuel: 100%
Fast Repairs: 0
Tire Limit: 2 sets of tires in pits
Restarts: Double File, Lapped Cars at Rear
Green White Checkered: Up to three
Weather: Realistic
Track State: Randomly Generated for Practice, Carried Over to Qualifying and Race
Marbles: Not Cleared
Driving Aids: Disabled

The Tweedcast Digital Creations Truck Series is a 27-race series based on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.  Tracks range from the short tracks of South Boston, North Wilkesboro and Nashville to the 2.66 mile Talladega SuperSpeedway, and includes a trip the Bristol dirt track.

The Tweedcast Digital Creations Truck Series will feature an in-season event called “The Carolina Clash 4 Cash Presented by Tweedcast Digital Creations“. It will begin May 2nd at Rockingham Speedway and run for four straight weeks with stops at Darlington Raceway (May 9), North Wilkesboro Speedway (May 16) and conclude at Charlotte Motor Speedway (May 23). The field of eligible drivers will be set at the Kansas (April 18) event.

The Tweedcast Digital Creations Truck Series runs a ten race Chase for the Championship to crown the season champion.

2023 Truck Series Schedule


Driver Standings

Team Standings

2023 Drivers Meeting

(Rulebook at a Glance)

Welcome to American Sim Racing!

By joining the race session the driver agrees to be subject to and abide by all league rules documented in the American Sim Racing Rulebook.

Excessive chat during green flag racing is not permitted.  Chat during qualifying is not permitted.  While under caution there should be no chat until the pit road is open for lead lap cars except calling out the location of the pace car, a stopped or slowed car on the racing surface or an “All Me” for the caution. All chat should be completely stopped after the “one-to-go” notice is given.

Any drivers who argue over the cause of a caution during an event will automatically be given an EOL penalty.

While pacing the leader must maintain a maximum of TWO car lengths between the pace car and his/her car and maintain pace speed until the start/restart of the race. All other drivers must be within one car length maximum of the car in front of them at the moment the pace car turns down pit road or will be subject to penalty.

On the Initial Start: iRacing “Restart Zone” rules apply. All drivers must maintain the lane assigned until crossing the finish line and the Green flag dictates the start.

On all Restarts: iRacing “Restart Zone” rules apply. You may change lanes any time after the leader restarts. There will be no slowing once the leader “starts or restarts the race.” We will not clear black flags for jumped restarts.

On all starts and restarts drivers must cross the start-finish line above the apron of the track.

Once a caution flag flies, close it up quickly but safely.  If you are unable to close up quickly, request an immediate EOL or TOW. Do not ruin someone else’s pit stop because you can’t get there quick enough.

When pitting drivers are to remain single file and to the right side of pit road until within 7 stalls of their stall.  Drivers are limited to driving through a maximum of THREE pit stalls prior to and THREE pit stalls after their pit stall. Drivers are expected to make the best effort to stay to the right on exit.

Drivers facing a black flag under caution MUST take the green flag and cross the start/finish line on the racing surface before serving the black flag.

Black flags will be cleared under the following conditions ONLY:

  1. Unsafe Pit Entry for Avoiding or Involvement in a Multi-car Incident
  2. Entering Closed Pit: Subject to review on a case by case basis.
  3. Passing a Car before Start/Finish line on a Start or Restart during an accident

All cleared black flags are subject to post race review. If it is determined that a black flag was incorrectly cleared that driver will be issued a 10 point post race penalty.

Drivers are required to maintain a consistent connection to the session server; drivers who warp, blink, or bounce are subject to penalty. Warping is not an excuse for an incident. If a driver is warping, that driver is expected to stay out of the preferred racing line or drop to the back until the connection clears up. If a driver’s connection is deemed to be of risk to others, the driver may be issued a verbal warning, an EOL, a black flag and/or removed from the event.

Drivers disconnecting from the session server MANUALLY will be considered “retired” from the event and may not re-enter the event.  Drivers disconnected from the session server due to a connection issue will be permitted to reconnect ONCE, if the connection quality does not improve or the driver disconnects again that driver will be considered “retired” and may not re-enter the event.

Locking Field/Entrants:  The field will be considered “locked” as soon as the qualifying session opens.  No entries will be permitted to connect after that point. Any driver not logging practice laps prior to the start of the drivers meeting will start the event EOL.

Qualifying Times must be completed BEFORE the 6:00 mark in the session (4:00 remaining).  Any attempts after such time will result in the time being disallowed.

We all race for fun.  We all make mistakes.  Everyone gets caught up in other people’s mistakes.  It is extremely unlikely that the other driver was intentionally trying to ruin your night.  Accept it and move on.  If necessary file a protest with the Race Director after the race.  Never use retaliatory chat or take aggressive retaliatory actions against a fellow during or after a race.  Such behavior will not be tolerated in ASR.

All drivers are required to save their replay of the race for 72 hours after the completion of each ASR sanctioned event. Any protest of in-race actions must be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours of the checkered flag but not before eight (8) hours have passed to the Race Director by submitting a “Protest Form” and attaching any supporting evidence.  Let’s have fun and put on a great race!

Tire Limits are listed in the “Event Info” tab of the sim, please be sure to check that tab at each race.

Important Links:

Truck Series Supplemental Rulebook

2023 Truck Series Contingencies

Contingencies are a ZIP file containing PSD and PNG files.

PNG files can be used to add contingencies in the Trading Paints editor.

Chevrolet Silverado


Ford F150


Toyota Tundra


2023 Truck Series Playoff Contingencies

Contingencies are a ZIP file containing PSD and PNG files.

PNG files can be used to add contingencies in the Trading Paints editor.

Chevrolet Silverado


Ford F150


Toyota Tundra


2023 Truck Series Win Sticker


  • Durand Scores Talladega Win with Last Lap Pass

    Published On: September 26th, 2023

    Durand Scores Talladega Win with Last Lap Pass The Tweedcast Truck Series annual stop at Talladega Superspeedway ended with a last lap pass for the lead just seconds after a multi-truck crash left a

  • Harnish Breaks Through for Bristol Victory!

    Published On: September 19th, 2023

    Harnish Breaks Through for Bristol Victory!Jordan Harnish entered Bristol out of the Playoffs and racing for wins, his evening got started right by winning the Speedway Action Images Quick Time Pole Award and leading the

  • Crews Takes Playoff Opener at IRP!

    Published On: September 12th, 2023

    Crews Takes Playoff Opener at IRP! AJ Crews made the race winning pass with 23 laps to go in the IRP 100 to score the victory in the Tweedcast Truck Series Playoff Opener at