Tire Limits Added to Hacksaw PC’s Premier Cup Series for 2020

Published On: January 4th, 2020

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(CLEVELAND, OH) As a new season dawns so does a a new challenge for drivers in the ASRS Hacksaw PC’s Premier Cup Series.  Tire limits have been introduced to the series for the first time beginning at Daytona.

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Tire limits were tested in the Development Series in 2019 and received rave reviews from drivers and series administrators as the challenge of having to manage a limited number tires changes strategy and put the focus on managing the race throughout the entire length.  Drivers participating in the Hacksaw PC’s All Star Race in November got first hand experience with the tire limit at the gritty Chicagoland Speedway.

Drivers will be limited to a base set of three sets of tires (the set of tires on the car at the beginning of the race and two additional sets available) at each event that makes up the Hacksaw PC’s Premier Cup Series, with some races allowing an additional set of tires.  For the short length races at Pocono Raceway (each 30 laps in length) and the Duel at Daytona, drivers will be limited to one tire change during each event.

“The tire limit changed the dynamic of our two development series in 2019 and drivers have been asking when we would add the tire limits to the Hacksaw PC’s Premier Cup Series and the answer is now” said Jim Foose, ASRS Promoter.  “We really like what it has done to create additional strategy moves and shake up the racing a bit.  In the past, we would see cars on pit road every  single caution period in a race and most of the time they would take four tires, that’s not going to work with tire limits”.

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Tire limiting is accomplished with pit stops where the car is jacked up, even if just one side, counted as a tire change.  ASRS Officials will utilize a process that counts any pit stop with a tire change (1, 2, 3 or 4 tires) as usage of a complete set of tires.  The penalty for taking extra tires is substantial.

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There is still time to join in the ASRS Hacksaw PC’s Premier Cup Series, sign up today at www.americansimracing.com.  Tryout races are being held throughout the month of January.

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