New Faces, New Places for 2019

Published On: December 29th, 2018

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The American Sim Racing Series has prided itself on it’s formatting and  unique scheduling, but one hidden gem was the team building that that format allows.

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For years league founder Jim Foose’s JFoose Motorsports led the way in team building, with at times six or eight drivers wheeling JFoose owned vehicles. JFoose will retain it’d drivers from 2018 with Jim Foose driving the flagship #42 joined by longtime friend and team partner Steve Buhala in the #43.  Jordan Harnish and Nick Kerling will complete the four car outfit.  A midseason alliance with Loud Pedal Motorsports in 2018 brought Toyota Tundras to this team and an uptick in performance.  While the team will return in 2019, it will return facing many of the same competitors as 2018 and even a few more.

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A newly patched up marriage between Maxxed Out Motorsports and 2018 spinoff team Twitchy-Coffman Racing sees the two teams once again working together in a partnership that is sure to dominate at the dirt tracks with defending Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Champion Jared Mogard leading the TCR charge.  Brad Cross is the clear cut favorite to win on the Maxxed Out side.  Other drivers in the fold are Kris Titus , Jack Wells and Maxxed Out founder but ASRS rookie Chris Lane.  On the TCR side Nick Coffman will only compete on dirt in 2019 while he oversees competition for ASRS on Tuesday nights, Brandon Boyd and Josh Walker round out the TCR line up.

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A new team in terms of name is Dirty Bird Sim Racing, which assumed the assets of Alpha Tango Racing midway through the 2018 campaign.  The switch happened just after the team trade deadline in June and saw Jason Stewart and Mitch Brown officially compete under ATR banner while rebranding as Dirty Bird Sim Racing.  A late season acquisition of Elevation Motorsports Racing which featured Tim Knott and Jarred Haggerty grew the DBSR team to four full time efforts.  2019 will be the first official campaign for this team, which will field Toyotas in both the Sim Marketing Solutions Cup Series and Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series.

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Loud Pedal Motorsports will trim down a bit, but championship threat Brian Yaczik and Michael Chrobok will return for many of the races in 19.  Yaczik is one of just two drivers who made both Premier Series championship finales, although he came out empty handed.  LPM will field Toyota Tundras and Ford Fusions in 2019.

2016 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series championship runner up Baskins-Knockback Motorsports returns for a fourth season with ASRS with an additional driver in Danny Rodgers joining the team line up of Devin Serra, Pete Baskins and Robby Baskins.  The team will field Chevrolets in 2019.

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Among the newest additions to ASRS is Overtake Motorsports which will feature Marc Cohn, Brandon Stokes, John Jenkins and Joey Burchett.  During Preseason testing Jenkins has been fast in the #69 along with Burchett winning the All Star Qualifier ad Brandon Stokes’ speed shown during the latter portion of the 2018 season this team will be one to watch as they make their maiden voyage.

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Another new team is SRM Motorsports with drivers Kelsy Rogers, Jimmy McKee and Cody Speicher.  All will make their ASRS points race debuts in 2019.

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Prime Time Racing debuts after leaving the broadcast booth with drivers Brandon Krutz, Corey Silva and Evan Black.  Black and Krutz are no stranger to the Premier Series as both shared a ride in 2018 but Silva is a rookie.  He debuted well in preseason testing, winning multiple events.

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Returning after nearly a year away from competition is L.A. SimSport.  Lee Staples has guided his boys back to ASRS after spending most of the 2018 season searching greener grass.  Edward Bray, Allan Young and Jonathan Holstein return yet again as the lineup for L.A. SimSport.

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Anddy Veltman Racing has atleast doubled down on building a team featuring atleast two drivers with PSL’s in hand.  Anddy Veltman will return to his familar #97 while Dylan Hickey has shifted his talents to the #4.

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Kevin Mingus, Ty Hester and Dan Deffler will make up JF2 Racing, which will be affiliated with JFoose Motorsports.  JF2 Racing will be a full Toyota outfit running Camrys and Tundras.

Notable other teams:

SMC Racing will field the #98 for Sam Maxwell.  Beast Racing will field the #99 for Clarence Bonner, who returns for his second season.  DNF Motorsports will return with the #77 of Alex Giese.  Far East Motorsports and Evan Osborne return with the #38.  Richard Fletcher returns to the #47 for Fletcher MotorsportsHaller Racing will once again field the #5 for Scott Haller.  Troy Haydt moves to his self owned team Haytder Racing along with the #28. Saville Motorsports will field the #11 for Tyler Saville once again.  Jeremy Banning Racing will field the #15 for Jeremy Banning.  jay Graves, Jr. will wheel the Infinity Racing #8.

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Mark Whitley Motorsports will field a single effort for Mark Whitley. Kevin Sargent will debut with Raging Moose RacingScott Smith Motorsports will return to the #21 for 2019.  Richard Stallings will be behind the wheel of his own Stallings Motorsports entry and Travis Wright Racing will once again field the #10 for Travis Wright.  Vaughn Motorsports will return to action for the first time since mid-2017 as Jamie and Justin Vaughn start their own team and are joined by Shawn Vaughn.

Justin Rector’s Plant One Racing is scheduled to field two entries with Rector driving the #03 and Jeff Gross in the #08 pending PSL approval.  Pro Stars Racing will bring Cazz Bedford to the #90 entry and hopes to field Jordan Polley in a second entry if approval is granted.  Josh Gerlach Racing is expected to field the #33 for Josh Gerlach, again pending approval.

With many single car efforts and  a few more multi car teams forming at the time of publication 2019 is shaping up quite well at ASRS.  The season opener is just around the corner, January 8th.

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