ASRS Unveils 2019 Membership Structure

Published On: November 2nd, 2018


Highlights: Separate Groups for Premier & Home Tracks Races, New Membership fee

(CLEVELAND, OH) Beginning in 2019, the American E-Sports Association and American Sim Racing Series will begin charging a Premier Series License fee of $15, good for all AEA/ASRS Premier Series events in the calendar year.

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The 2019 league format will have select changes, beginning with a split league on the iRacing Membersite.  The Premier Series will race within its own league, while Home Tracks and other ASRS sanctioned events will compete under the American Sim Racing Series League Page.  The American Sim Racing Series League page will be free to join and drivers will be given a chance to join the Premier Series once they have completed the necessary participation requirements and received approval from ASRS Officials and the Race Team Alliance.

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Benefits of the 2019 ASRS Premier License:

  • Membership to Premier Series
  • Eligibility for Premier Series events
  • Eligibility for Premier Series year-end prize fund
  • Enrollment in League Contingency Prize Program (decals required)
  • Priority car number assignment
  • Discounted entry fees for special events

“Separating the league into two parts is the best option for us as we have had a few instances where unapproved drivers have joined Premier Series races and may have cost an approved driver a chance to race that night with the limited pit stalls we have at some tracks, it also gives us a little more control as to who is approved and who is not” ASRS President Jim Foose stated. “And with new restrictions coming for the Home Tracks Series, it works the opposite way as well, it’s really a win-win for our members and our management group”

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