Maxwell Maximizes Racecraft to Win at Kansas

Published On: May 13th, 2018

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By Anddy Veltman

(Kansas City, KS.) The Pound Buddies No Kill Shelter 150 took place last Tuesday for the ASRS Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series. Scheduled to run under the lights, the race would consist of 100 laps on the 1.5-mile mid-western tri-oval. Cooler temperatures would set the racing surface up to hold extra grip, allowing for a feel similar to plate track drafting.

Last week’s winner, Jordan Ashelin (27), would top the chart in main event qualifying. Clocking in with a 30.763s lap time would give Ashelin his 2nd perch’n Pole Award in the series, both coming in 2018. At 30.776s, Sam Maxwell (98) would be quick enough for 2nd-place, leading the outside lane on the initial green flag start.

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From the start, it would be Ashelin to the lead, clearing Maxwell by Turn 3. Stuck on the outside, Maxwell would be shuffled rearward, falling to 4th. Devin Serra (20), having just taken the 3rd position, would feel the heat from Maxwell, as Maxwell’s Chevy Silverado would power underneath Serra to reclaim 3rd.

Lap 7; with inside tire grip waning, the caution would fly to reset the field; contact between Jay Graves Jr. (8) and Jarred Haggerty (6) would result in Graves spinning. Points-leader Tom Giannini (44) would be among additional drivers to pick-up damage as a result. The leaders would take the opportunity to visit pit road for new tires, with Anddy Veltman (97) staying out to grab the lead.

On older tires, Veltman would attempt to restart the field alongside Chase Bonser (83), but shortly after taking the green, the leaders would come together just beyond the flag stand, triggering a multi-car accident and bringing the pace car back onto the track.

Following clean-up, Jordan Ashlein would cycle to P1, restarting the field to the inside of Devin Serra on Lap 17. Ashelin would get the advantage working into Turn 1 with a push from Evan Black (99). Black would follow suit, passing Serra and bringing Sam Maxwell with him, settling Serra into 4th.

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With a full head of steam, Black would dive to the inside of Ashelin, taking the lead just ahead of Lap 19. Serra would challenge Ashelin, sliding underneath into 2nd, but Ashelin would battle back, retaking the position. Up front, Black would continue to lead through Lap 36, as the caution would fly for Steve Ritter (16) in a solo-spin off of Turn 4 and through the grass.

Holding the lead after the pit cycle, Black would restart the field on Lap 41 with Sam Maxwell to his outside. Clearing Maxwell, but Turn 1, Black would bring Serra and Jared Mogard (00) with him from the inside lane. Serra would then make a move to the inside of Black, working past him to pick-up the lead. Black would try to pressure Serra for the position again, but would be unable to secure the spot.

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Lap 55; Thomas Wagner (139) clips the apron and loses control coming onto the front stretch, making hard contact with the outside wall. Caution displayed, Serra would lead the field down pit road. Serra would retain his position, with Black and Maxwell following.

On the restart, Serra would get the jump over Black, with Maxwell moving past Black into 2nd. Jordan Ashelin would also make his way around Black. Serra would continue to lead until Lap 65, as caution would wave for Matt Howell (12) getting loose on the exit of Turn 4 and overcorrecting into the SAFER barrier on the front stretch. Another wave of pit-stops would see Serra lose to the top spot to Maxwell, with Maxwell and Brian Yaczik (55) leaving the pits 1-2.

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Maxwell would restart the field on Lap 70, facing hard pressure from Yaczik. Maxwell would eventually clear Yaczik, but would have to contend with Black. Black would clear Yaczik and begin to work on Maxwell, pulling alongside at multiple times, but Maxwell would hold strong and begin to increase the distance to 2nd.

5 laps to go; Tim Knott (41) would self-spin on the exit of Turn 4, triggering the 6th caution flag. With limited laps left, this would be the eventual end of the race, with drivers locked-in to their finishing positions. Leading 34 laps on the night, Sam Maxwell would hang on to collect the trophy for the Pound Buddies No Kill Shelter 150, his 2nd career SMCTS victory. Pole-sitter Jordan Ashelin would finish 2nd, with 14 laps lead, and Devin Serra would round out the podium, leading 23 laps in the process. Evan Black and Anddy Veltman would also score bonus points for laps lead.

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With 8 races complete on the season, Tom Giannini remains in 1st after finishing 16th. Brian Yaczik trails by 2 points with an 11 point gain on Giannini by way of a 5th-place finish. Jared Mogard and Devin Serra remain 3rd and 4th, respectively, while Sam Maxwell moves up 2 positions to 5th. Other notables; Marc Cohn (1) climbs 14 spots to 53rd for the largest increase of the week after replacing Shawn Musick (X) at JF2 Racing, while Austin Foutch (48) falls 5 for the most positions lost.

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Next week, the ASRS SMCTS will find their way to Concord, NC for the Sam Maxwell Customs Charlotte 150. Teams will once again prep to race under the lights, with race coverage by league partner Prime Time Racing TV slated to begin at 9:00PM EST.

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