2018 Off to Great Start

Published On: January 15th, 2018

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When 52 drivers attempted to qualify for the 36 starting positions in Tuesdays Twitchy Race Reports Premier Cup Series #Back2Cup 200 at Richmond Raceway, it marked the start of another season for the American Sim Racing Series.  That number was backed up by over 20 drivers competing in the newly re-organized Home Tracks Series Dirt Racing Series.

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While 20 drivers is nowhere near the number the TRR Premier Cup Series and Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series draws, it marked an improvement over the dirt races of 2017.

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“It’s a culmination of many hours of hard work, dedication and doing follow ups with our members to find something that appeals to almost everybody” says Jim Foose, ASRS President.  “For years, I wanted to form a road course series, and never could get it to take off well enough to sustain it past a couple races, but when dirt came along I saw an opportunity to bring that form of racing to our members and the dirt has been equally beneficial to our other series in that it has attracted talent to the Cup and Truck Series as well as the asphalt side of the Home Tracks Series”.

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What seems to working well is the longer race formats, allowing drivers to race the track and play strategy games in these races.  “In a 100 lap or 100 mile race, you pretty much get one pit stop and you have to get it perfect to have a shot at the win, with these 200 mile races, you have two or three opportunities to pit the car, try to make up time and if it all falls right, you might be in a position to win the race” Foose stated.

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Foose still has a few remaining race sponsorships to cover, including the Cup races at Auto Club, Bristol, Texas, Darlington and Martinsville.  “We’ll get it done, I’m sure of that.  It’s just taking a bit longer than I wanted but it we will have sponsors on those races I’m sure”.

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Prime Time Racing TV has stepped in to broadcast all 41 Twitchy Race Reports Premier Cup and Sam Maxwell Truck Series, and brought a high level of professionalism to the broadcasts that was not seen with previous broadcasters.

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In Foose’s crystal ball, he sees a few things coming to ASRS, maybe as soon as later this year.  “Tom (Giannini) has started working on a few things that would allow us to host rallycross style events and the interest level seems very high from our membership, but finding the time slot that will work and where it would fit into our program is making the process a little slower than normal.  Midgets will be racing here later this year, but the issue is that we need some smaller dirt tracks like Limaland and Kokomo to give us the authentic midget racing feel.  Additionally, the Tour Modifieds are likely going to close out the inaugural Home Tracks Series schedule in the fall” Foose said.

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There is always time to join in the action of the American Sim Racing Series, join today by visiting www.americansimracing.com.

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