Titus Takes Eldora Crown, Cross Triple Crown Titan!

Published On: May 19th, 2017
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Twitchy Race Reports
(ROSSBURG, OH) The third and final event of the Twitchy Race Reports Triple Crown event seen thirty-one drivers scheduled to compete in the nights actions. It would be two heat races that set the field for tonight’s 50 lap finale from the Eldora Speedway.   Just like the previously two events the winner would be racing for a $25 payday. Also up for grabs during this Triple Crown event was another $25 sweep bonus if any driver were to win all three events he would gain an additional $25 making him a grand total of $100 richer over the three race miniseries sponsored by Twitchy Race Reports and Jared Mogard. 
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Prior to the nights action we caught up with ASRS Owner/President Jim Foose who had the following to say on the first dirt event in the league “Dirt racing has been an awesome addition to our lineup, we’re excited to see where it goes from here but we are off to a great start. None of this would have been possible without the support of our members and Twitchy Race Reports, who stepped up to sponsor our first endeavor into dirt.”

As for the heat race action it would officially see only twenty-three of the originally scheduled thirty-one drivers make the call. This set up two heat races taking everyone into the night’s series finale feature. Heat 1 seen Alex Ciambrone grab the win with Devin Serra finishing 2nd, Zac Bozanich went from 7th to finish 3rd, Justin Kruithof went from 6th to finish 4th, and Brad Cross went from last to finish 5th. As for heat two it would see Kris Titus go from his 4th starting spot to grab the win in the final heat race, Jared Mogard finished 2nd, Andrew Cummins went from 11th to finish 3rd, Josh Walker also came from deep in the field going from 10th to finish 4th, and Casey Cupp rounded out the top 5 finishing 5th.
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With the heat race action in the book it would be time for the twenty-three car/#Run50 50 lap feature finale for what has been a great debut for the Dirt Series here in ASRS. The feature would see Alex Ciambrone and Kris Titus bring the field to green. Off the start of the race Titus would get the jump putting his #25 out front. There would be four yellow flags for twelve laps and there were zero lead changes. Kris Titus would lead all 50 laps of the feature to go on to claim his first career feature win at ASRS in the finale of the first ever dirt race. Kris Titus’s Win would deny his team driver Brad Cross the sweep bonus as Cross was unable to get it done tonight. Top 5 looked like this after the Checkers flew Kris Titus Winning, Zac Bozanich 2nd, Brad Cross 3rd, Josh Walker 4th, and Andrew Cummins 5th.

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As mentioned before Brad Cross was unable to get the sweep bonus. Which means that the $100 purse was split up as followed. Brad Cross won $75 for his two wins and for winning the point championship over the course of the three races. Lastly Kris Titus picked up $25 for the win just as advertised.

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We spoke with Jared Mogard the owner and operator of Twitchy Race Reports who had the following to say about the series and being a part of it “It was a good three race series to start the dirt stuff out for ASRS. I’m honored to be able to be a part of this deal. Jim Foose and myself discussed a lot of different format ideas leading up to this series that was going to be unique to ASRS and its’ drivers while still having the traditional “dirt track” feel to it. I think what we came up with worked very well and the driver support was just as good if not better than the other series that ASRS has been running so far in 2017. I hope there are more dirt series at ASRS which I believe is a very sure thing and hopefully going forward we can continue to be a part of whatever dirt series Jim and ASRS decide to have a part of their league.”
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As for what’s next for dirt stay tuned as in the coming weeks there very well could be an announcement regarding another dirt series here at ASRS. On behalf of ASRS, Jim, and Jared we want to thank each and every driver that helped us leading up to the Triple Crown to come up with a good format and we want to thank EVERY driver that came out and tried their luck at the Triple Crown. THANK YOU!!!!!
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