Cross Takes First Round of Twitchy Race Reports Triple Crown

Published On: May 5th, 2017
2017-05-04 22-00-32_0Twitchy Race Reports
(BARBERVILLE, FL) ASRS made history tonight as the opening night of the Twitchy Race Reports Triple Crown featuring the Dirt Late Models. The Pro Late Models were the class of cars that made history. 31 Pro Late Models made the trip at Volusia Speedway Park for the opener. The nights format would consist of three heat races fifteen laps in distance taking the top six drivers directly to the Feature. There would be one Last Chance Qualifier also taking the top six drivers to the Feature to make up the twenty-four car fifty lap Feature event.
2017-05-04 22-04-20_0A quick recap of the three heat races went as followed. Heat 1 would see John Kennedy go from his 7th starting spot to roll to the first checkered flag. 2nd would be Brad Cross, Andrew Cummins 3rd, Devin Serra 4th, Kris Titus 5th, and Jared Mogard finished in the 6th and final transfer spot. Heat 2 saw Stephen Pearce roll to victory grabbing the Win, 2nd would be Brandon Boyd from his 10th starting spot, Tim Knott went from 9th to finish 3rd, Jason Stewart 4th, Collin Penn 5th, and Nick Coffman who started last row finished in the 6th and final transfer spot. Heat 3 Corey Finley grabbed the final heat win on the evening, Josh Walker started 7th and finished 2nd, Justin Kruithof 3rd, Chad Finley started last and ended up 4th, Jonathan Holstein 5th, and Casey Cupp grabbed the 6th and final transfer spot.
2017-05-04 22-09-04_0The last chance qualifier was a twenty lap event which seen the top six like the heat races make tonight’s fifty lap feature. LCQ results Alex Caimbrone grabbed the checkers with Jim Foose 2nd, Tim Berner 3rd, Todd LaBoube 4th, Dan Matthews who started 12th ended up 5th, and Allan Young finished in the 6th and final transfer spot into tonight’s Feature event.
2017-05-04 22-01-53_0The feature would see Corey Finley and John Kennedy bringing the field to green. The race went pretty good all things considering. The race seen six yellows for eighteen laps. Finley would lead the first twenty-two laps before eventual race winner Brad Cross would take over leading the final twenty-eight laps. Brad would go uncontested to pick up his 3rd career ASRS victory and became the first winner at ASRS in the newly founded Dirt Series. Corey Finley finished 2nd, Justin Kruithof 3rd, Brandon Boyd 4th, and Jason Stewart rounded out the top 5 finishing spots.
2017-05-04 22-10-41_0Brad takes home the first $25 to win Triple Crown. Next week the series shifts to the Williams Grove Speedway as race #2 for the Twitchy Race Reports Triple Crown will be in action next Thursday Night May 11th. Be sure to check back to see if Cross can keep the sweep bonus alive or if someone else will take home the $25 to W event.

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