Off Week Provides Break for Some, Others Worked Through

Published On: March 12th, 2017


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Week 13 on iRacing provided the ASRS Officials and drivers a week off to regroup and have a get away from racing competition. Series owner and President Jim Foose did that as he went on vacation to spend time with family and friends. As for the drivers a week off to cool down tempers and regroup to maybe get back on track. Some drivers maybe didn’t want a week off as their 2017 season has gotten off to a great start. Either way the week is almost up and it’s almost time to get back behind the “wheel” of our sim race cars and back to competing. In this quick article we are going to cover the current series still in action, the first 2017 series that wrapped up last Wednesday, and a look ahead of a new series that is set to start next week.

The 2017 Short Track Series which includes multiple “mini” tours throughout the year at ASRS just wrapped up its first Season. The Skeeber Flob’s Kettle Corn Pro Series was the first tour for the Short Track Series which was a 10 race tour. The tour seen 7 different winners in the 10 races. Jared Mogard led the way with 3 wins, Michael Atkins Jr. had 2 wins with Ty Hester, Tom Giannini, Jonathan Holstein, Josh Walker, and Edward Bray all collecting 1 win on the tour. The tour Champion at the conclusion of the 10th race was Ty Hester in his Alpha Tango Racing #36 machine. We reached out to Ty on his thoughts on the Championship but never received a response from Ty or his team. The rest of the top 5 in the final standings seen Jared Mogard finishing 2nd, Tom Giannini 3rd, Jim Foose 4th, and Allan Young 5th. Foose and Young actually tied for 4th in the standings but the tie-breaker went to Foose. The Short Track Series returns to the track on March 15th as it will be the debut of the Super Late Models. The Super Late Models which saw excitement at the end of the 2016 season with some drama over the championship should provide some thrilling racing yet again in 2017. The Super Late Model tour is scheduled for 16 races which starts at the USA International Speedway going through the end of May. We caught up with Jim Foose ASRS President and Owner on his thoughts on the Super Late Model tour and he has this to say “This is going to be the most competitive season ever for the Super Late Model Tour and we have a roster of talented drivers that runs very deep this year.  I look for this to be a great season.” So be sure to keep an eye on the Super Late Model Series to see who will be crowned the next champion of 2017 ASRS Short Track Series.

Along with the Short Track Series we got the Truck Series running in 2017 as well. This week the trucks are off as they follow the actual NASCAR Truck Series schedule. The start to the 2017 season has been a slow one. Only two races in and now on a break it has seen two different winners so far in the year. Zac Bozanich won the season opener from Daytona and last week’s race saw Danny Rodgers win in a dominate fashion from the Atlanta Motor Speedway. That performance propelled Rodgers to the top of the standings early in the year. We caught up with Danny Rodgers who had this to say about the early start to the Truck Season “So far our #22 team has started the season off strong. After finishing 4th at Daytona and running up front in that race and then heading to Atlanta, grabbing the pole and picking up the race win was an awesome week for the Pilot/Flying J Chevrolet! My goal for this season is to continue to run up in the top 5 and have a shot at the championship. You can only take 1 race at a time and focus strictly on each and every race at that given time. There are so many talented racers in ASRS, I am so thankful to be able to be leading the points after the first 2 races. With Auto Club coming up, we have struggled there in the past, but going to be doing some testing there this week. It will only get tougher here on out for us and as the competition is so close and fast each race. I want to thank my teammates at JF2 Racing for such awesome teammates and the respect they race with. Want to thank Pilot/Flying J for their sponsorship this year. Should be an exciting season in the ASRS Truck Series!!” The top 8 in the standings at the end of Race #18 in September will be locked into the 2017 ASRS Truck Series Playoffs. The current drivers in that position are Danny Rodgers 1st, Jim Foose 2nd, Jonathan Holstein 3rd, Michael Atkins Jr. 4th, Zack Calloway 5th, Jason Stewart 6th, Zac Bozanich 7th, and Jared Mogard 8th. The next scheduled Truck race is set for March 21st from the Auto Club Speedway for the Harley-Davidson 125. As always Off Camber TV is providing live coverage throughout the 2017 Truck Series so everyone please be sure to check out the action and follow their page on Facebook.


After having the last month off from action the ASRS Xfinity Series is set to get back in action Tuesday March 14th from the Auto Club Speedway for the Auto Club 150. The series which started back in January has seen 6 different winners in 7 events. The only repeat winner has been Jake Douglas who went back to back to start the year off. Other winners include Robert Padavich, Zac Bozanich, Jason Stewart, Sam Maxwell, and Zac Coyer. Ty Hester is the current point leader and as stated before we reached out to him for his thoughts and expectations on the year for the Xfinity Series but didn’t receive a response. Much like the Truck Series the top 8 in the standings are the place to be as come July 11th right after Race #13 they will be locked into the Xfinity Series Playoffs with a shot at becoming crowned the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series Champion. The difference from the Truck Series is that these Xfinity Series drivers have 5 less races to get into a playoff spot. The current top 8 look like this Ty Hester 1st, Sam Maxwell 2nd, Allan Young 3rd, Justin Brown 4th, Jonathan Holstein 5th, Tom Giannini 6th, Zac Bozanich 7th, and Jason Stewart 8th.

This has been a recap of everything that has gone on so far here in 2017 at American Sim Racing Series. We are excited to get back on track and continuing to provide great racing action for you great fans. We strongly encourage the fans to give American Sim Racing Series a “like” on their Facebook page. We also want to friendly remind everyone that the Truck Series is being broadcasted and that you can catch the action from Off Camber TV. We want you to go “like” their page as well and subscribe to their Youtube page as that is where they do their broadcasts from. Lastly we want to thank Twitchy Race Reports for coming on board and being the official reporter of the 2017 ASRS Truck and Xfinity Series.

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