Truck Series Field Increased, New Qualifying Procedure Announced

Published On: February 3rd, 2017


Beginning in 2017 the Camping World ASRS Truck Series field size will increase from 32 starts to 36 starters.  The new field size will also present a few unique elements for the Camping World ASRS Truck Series.

The championship point system will remain virtually untouched, with the winner receiving 32 points plus a three point win bonus, second place will receive 31 points and the remaining finishers will have championship points distributed at one point increments until the 32nd place finisher.  Drivers finishing 32nd-36th will receive one point each.  This change allows the point system to remain consistent across all series, while awarding points to the final four finishing positions.  Drivers failing to qualify will receive zero points, but will be credited with a qualifying attempt for chase seeding.


The Charter system introduced in 2016 will be eliminated for 2017.  Under the new system no driver will be “locked into” all races in a season.  Instead the top 20 drivers in the championship standings will earn a guaranteed starting position in the next scheduled event.  The Top 20, will be dynamic and is subject to change after each event.  This leaves a minimum of 15 starters on qualifying time.  The final position will be reserved for a past Truck Series Champion or past ASRS Champion and if none fail to qualify it will go to the next fastest qualifier.  In the event a Top 20 driver misses a race or takes a “free pass provisional”, that position in the top 20 will go unused.  In other words, 20th will be a hard cut off line, with the 21st place driver in the standings being required to qualify on time.  Drivers must maintain a >75% attendance rate to receive a guaranteed starting position.


For the first four races, the 2016 chartered drivers will be locked into the starting field.


The qualifying session will now become a 10 minute session; gaining 5 minutes from the race session which will now be run with an 80 minute time limit.

“At ASRS we want the most competitive starting field we can have, however we also want to give our top performers a safety net if something goes wrong during their qualifying attempt” ASRS President Jim Foose said.  “While the charter system worked very well for the administrative side, it was not well received by many of our drivers.  We found a major flaw in it during the Xfinity Series event at Charlotte in which two of our top 10 drivers in the championship failed to qualify because of it and that is something that is unacceptable to me.  When the Xfinity season started nobody expected to have the amount of drivers attempting to qualify for these races, and then for it to grow and still have 45 drivers attempting to qualify for the fifth race, that was unexpected, but it is a good problem to have.  With the Camping World ASRS Truck Series being our premier series, I think it should have larger fields and with the tracks we go to now in that series, we have plenty of room to accommodate the extra four trucks, Eldora may be the only exception and we will work on a format for that race as we learn more about the track and how much room we have on pit road.  I know NASCAR fits 32 trucks there, but I don’t know how iRacing will set it up”.


The 2017 Camping World ASRS Truck Series kicks off Tuesday February 21st at Daytona International Speedway and all 25 races will be broadcasts on Off Camber TV.

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