ASRS and Grand American Sim Racing Association Form Partnership

Published On: August 1st, 2016


In an unprecedented move, the ASRS has entered into a partnership with my the Grand American Sim Racing Association.  GASRA Grand American Series, bringing Gen-6 racing into the fold at ASRS.

The move will open up the Grand American Series, which fields the Chevrolet SS, Toyota Camry, and Ford Fusion, to anyone who would like to undertake the challenge of handling the 3,000 pound stock car as we follow the real-life Sprint Cup Series schedule through the end of the season. Currently we are six races from our Inaugural Grand American Chase for the Championship and everything is still up for grabs as no one is locked in to the championship field thus far. 


“Everyone at GASRA is extremely excited to be announcing this partnership, and we are looking forward to competing with all of you on Monday nights! For more information please check out“.  said GASRA President Robby Baskins.  


“We are always looking for up and coming leagues to help out, it’s become something ASRS and myself have done for some time, I like to see new leagues offering racing and GASRA offers something we do not currently at ASRS” said ASRS President Jim Foose.  “Robby and myself met about this a month or so ago and came to an agreement that ASRS would assist GASRA is growing and GASRA would provide ASRS with a place for Cup Series style racing, in return neither league will schedule against the other and the rulebooks will virtually mirror each other moving forward.   I think this partnership will help us grow ASRS long-term, out hope is that this also help grow GASRA and add even more drivers into both leagues”.

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