Spring Break

Published On: March 8th, 2016


The annual Spring Break has arrived for ASRS drivers and we look back at what we have learned so far in 2016.

We have learned that a smaller group of drivers puts on better races and we learned that races can go caution free.  While some leagues are suffering from yellow fever (and sadly paying a hefty sum to broadcast those wreckfests) ASRS has seen the return of long green flag runs, green flag pits stops and of course pit strategy.  While watching a fuel mileage race play out on TV is like watching paint dry, actually driving the car and conserving fuel along the way is just another element our drivers face.

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Speaking of returns, the much anticipated Super Late Model Tour takes the green flag next week.  The schedule will cover 17 dates, running bi-weekly for the most part with a few changes made to accommodate the summer and fall breaks.

And then there’s those Wednesday nights with nothing running, a glaring reminder of the changes made in January and the league’s ability to take things slow and expand only when the time is right, or the right car comes along.  Everything from Legends cars to Mazda MX-5’s have been discussed to fill that slot, but it’s Spring Break and nothing has been announced as for that time slot.  ASRS has left that decision up to it’s members to come up with ideas, discuss them with other members and build a series that way, it’s a new concept for ASRS, but it seems to be working so far.



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