Another Short Track Series Looks To Be In The Works

Published On: February 25th, 2016

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(CLEVELAND, OH) Take a little trip back to 2011 and you will see when ASRS made the move to iRacing it was with Legends Cars and Street Stocks, both aimed at rookie drivers and developing the drive base over the course of a few season to take on the big tracks.  Fast forward to 2016 and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While nothing is confirmed, ASRS President Jim Foose has expressed interest in filling Wednesday nights with another short track series.  Currently, the Super Late Model Tour races bi-weekly on Wednesdays beginning March 16th.

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“It really depends on how the Super Late Model Tour is out of the gate, if we have a good showing and good racing we want to expand Wednesdays to another short track series, and we expect it will take off well” said Foose.  “We’ve looked at Legends Cars, Street Stocks, the Late Model and the Modifieds as options for another short track series, but still have made no commitment it any of them”.

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Other options outside of the short track cars have been discussed and those include a rookie road racing series possibly with the Mazda Miata.  A 2013 road racing series sunk like a big rock in a deep lake, so the road racing options are most likely not coming to the track anytime soon.

When asked about the timeline for the new Wednesday night series, Foose said “Let’s give it a couple weeks after the Super Late Model opener at Lakeland, then we’ll get into serious discussions about what our members want to add, anything extra will rely heavily on those first few Super Late Model races”.

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