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Atkins Wins Chicago, Mogard Takes Championship

2017-10-17 22-16-10_0

Twitchy Race Reports

(JOLIET, IL) The 16th and final event for the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series took center stage tonight to put the cap on their Season. Tonight’s action saw 36 drivers make the trip to the Chicagoland Speedway for a shot at the 32 car starting field. For four drivers the pressure was on as they were racing each other to be crowned the Champion at the end of the 100 lap event.

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As for qualifying it was Jordan Ashlein putting his #75 on the pole of the event with Michael Atkins Jr. 2nd, Justin Brown who made the return to ASRS competition after a long absence qualified 3rd, Zack Calloway 4th, and Alex Giese rounded out the top 5.

2017-10-17 22-18-59_0

The racing action itself saw a lot of green flag racing with only 3 yellow flag periods. Along with the green flag racing it also seen green flag pit stops. Multiple different strategies played out for different drivers. But the race was dominated by Michael Atkins Jr. who led 55 laps.

2017-10-17 22-17-47_0

A late race yellow with just 16 laps to go spiced things up. Mogard grabbed the lead off pit stops and took the lead late in the race putting himself in a good spot to win not only the race but the championship. However when the race was done it was Michael Atkins Jr getting back to the race lead and drive to the W. Devin Serra who gave Atkins a run the last few laps finished 2nd, Jared Mogard finished 3rd, Sam Maxwell 4th, and Allan Young rounded out the top 5.

2017-10-17 22-15-50_0

As for the Championship four that were dueling it out for the Championship Jared Mogard finished 3rd which sealed up the 2017 Xfinity Series Championship, Ty Hester made a late race rally and ended up 6th, Jason Stewart and Tom Giannini were caught up in a wreck and finished toward the back of the field. This is Mogard’s first Xfinity Series Championship and his 2nd Championship at ASRS. We caught up with Mogard and he had this to say on the Championship, “It feels good to get the Championship. I just got to thank everyone on this #01 team, my teammates for keeping me calm when needed throughout the year and even in the race tonight. I want to thank my sponsors Maxxed Out Motorsports and team owner Kris Titus for allowing me to be on such a great team, Twitchy Race Reports, Coffman Racing Graphics, and Midwest Racing. We have been racing for our team owner Kris Titus his mom Karla is dealing with cancer and we continue to think about her and know we support her through this tough time!!!!”

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The final standings as mentioned seen Jared Mogard win the Championship, Ty Hester 2nd, Tom Giannini 3rd, Jason Stewart 4th, Allan Young 5th, Sam Maxwell 6th, Jonathan Holstein 7th, Jim Foose 8th, John Kennedy 9th, and Justin Brown rounded out the top 10 in the final standings. As for next Tuesday the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series is back in action for their Playoff Spot. As always be sure to turn into Off Camber TV for every lap of action as the Playoffs are down to just 6 drivers battling to be one of the final four to race for a Championship at Homestead…

Mogard Wins to Advance at Iowa

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Twitchy Race Reports

(NEWTON, IA) After just a month off, the Xfinity Series was back in action at the Iowa Speedway for the Elimination Race to determine the 4 drivers who would compete for the 2017 Xfinity Series Championship.

2017-10-03 22-26-41_0

The evening’s actions saw 30 drivers make the show which was relatively clean for the most part. Only 6 yellows flew over the 125 lap event. Following qualifying it was Jared Mogard putting his #01 on the pole followed by Troy Haydt 2nd, Ty Hester 3rd, Alex Giese 4th, and Danny Rodgers rounded out the top 5.

2017-10-03 22-34-40_0

As mentioned there were 8 drivers looking to make the top 4 spots in the Playoff Standings to go race for a Championship in two weeks. The drivers included Sam Maxwell, Jonathan Holstein, Ty Hester, Jared Mogard, Jim Foose, Allan Young, Tom Giannini, and Jason Stewart. With the high stress of the playoff drivers trying to make the final four it would start out in dramatic fashion as point leader going into the event Sam Maxwell had mechanical issues which caused him to have to end the race after only 3 laps into the race.

2017-10-03 22-33-10_0

Maxwell dropping out early was huge in the way the standings took shape and cost Maxwell a shot at the championship. The race went green two different times and the event was dominated by Jared Mogard he would go on to win his 3rd Xfinity Race on the 2017 Season and his 20th career at ASRS. The rest of the top 5 were Devin Serra 2nd, Dominic Lee 3rd, Jason Stewart went from 19th to finish 4th, and lastly Tom Giannini went from 12th to finish 5th. As for the playoff drivers Stewart and Giannini used pit strategy to get themselves top 5 finishes finishing 4th and 5th respectively, Allan Young rallied from 18th to finish 8th, Ty Hester who was caught up in contact racing Danny Rodgers early ended up 13th, Jim Foose was caught speeding on pit road during green flag pit stops and ended up finishing 17th, Jonathan Holstein was caught up a crash and ended up 21st, and Sam Maxwell as stated before had mechanical issues resulting in a 30th place finish.

2017-10-03 22-24-08_0

The Playoff Standings the 4 drivers racing for a Championship will be Jared Mogard, Tom Giannini, Jason Stewart, and the 4th driver based off of a tie breaker is Ty Hester. Hester and Allan Young were tied in the points after Iowa but based on Wins Ty Hester gets the tiebreaker and makes the final 4 that will race for a championship.

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The Championship Race for the 2017 Xfinity Series is set to take place in two weeks October 17th from the Chicagoland Speedway for an 84 lap shootout to end the Xfinity Series for 2017. Stay tuned to see who is crowned the Champion!!!!

Harnish Tames Darlington

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Race #2 of the Dash for Cash Playoffs for the Xfinity Series headed to the “Lady in Black” Darlington Raceway for a 74 lap event. The evening seen 36 drivers make the trip to try and get one of the 32 starting spots. Following qualifying it was Ty Hester grabbing the pole, Jared Mogard 2nd, Michael Chrobok 3rd, Chad Finley 4th, and Jake Douglas rounded out the top 5. It was a caution filled race seeing 9 caution periods for 37 laps.

The multiple wrecks made for a lot of tore up cars and also affected some chase drivers which in the end shook up the standings. The race ended under yellow and when the checkers flew it was Jordan Harnish picking up the win followed by Jared Mogard 2nd, Jacob Greider came from 18th to finish 3rd, Robby Baskins also started deep in 22nd and finished a solid 4th, while Tom Giannini rounded out the top 5. This would be Harnish’s 14th Career ASRS victory tonight.

As mentioned before the point standings were shook up again tonight with some drivers getting in wrecks. With just 1 race left before the final 4 drivers are set to race for the 2017 Xfinity Championship the top 8 are as followed Sam Maxwell holds the lead, Jonathan Holstein 2nd, Tom Giannini 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, Ty Hester fell to 5th, Jim Foose 6th, Allan Young 7th, and Jason Stewart fell to 8th.

2017-08-22 22-32-29_0

The Xfinity Playoffs takes a break now until October 4th for the final race before the “final four” are set. The race will take place at the Iowa Speedway for a 125 lap event. Then the 2017 Season Finale will take place on October 17th from the Chicagoland Speedway for a 84 lap shootout to crown the 2017 Champion.

McQusition Takes Home State Victory at Mid-Ohio

2017-08-01 22-12-11_0

(LEXINGTON, OH) The first round of the Xfinity Dash 4 Cash saw the cars and stars of the Xfinity Series hit the scenic road course of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.   The top eight drivers in the championship began their four race journey to the championship on the tight twists and turns of the 13 turn course, the lone road course on the schedule.

2017-08-01 22-27-44_0

Sam Maxwell showed the way in qualifying, turning the fastest lap of the 20 drivers in attendance.  The #68 was on rails early on in the race, which saw a first turn mishap that sent Brad Cross spinning off course.

2017-08-01 22-31-41_0

Maxwell would lead the first 11 laps before relinquishing the lead to Ohio native Travis McQuistion, one of four Ohio drivers in the field.  McQuistion would hold the lead in his #93 through the lone pit stop as the race went caution free.

2017-08-01 22-34-15_0

With McQuistion not in the Dash 4 Cash, the race win was valuable for many others.  Maxwell challenged for the win, but came up short in the end.  McQuistion took the victory, his first Xfinity Series win.  Maxwell was second followed by Ty Hester, Lee Staples and Jonathan Holstein.

2017-08-01 22-37-21_0

Sam Maxwell leads to the Championship battle by two points over Ty Hester.  Jason Stewart is third just six points back from the lead, Jonathan Holstein sits fourth seven points back, Allan Young fifth eight points behind the lead, Tom Giannini -11 in sixth, Jim Foose -13 in seventh and Jared Mogard -15 in eighth.


Giannini Wins Kentucky, 8 Drivers Punch Chase Ticket

2017-07-11 22-19-44_0

By Tom Giannini

(SPARTA, KY) When the ASRS Xfinity Series schedule was released, Kentucky was circled on many calendars. Why? Because the 1.5 mile oval was set to play host to the end of the regular season, the final race that drivers on the outside could make a last ditch effort to make the 8-driver Chase for the championship. Drivers above the 8th position in the standings would have to play defense as a bad race may put them on the outside looking in. The top 8 entering the event were Ty Hester, Sam Maxwell, Jared Mogard, Tom Giannini, Jonathan Holstein, Jim Foose, Allan Young and Zachary Bozanich.

2017-07-11 22-27-44_0

Qualifying would see top-8 driver Tom Giannini claim the pole. The rest of the top 5 included Jared Mogard, Dominic Lee, Tim Knott and Sam Maxwell. Although won the pole by almost a tenth of a second, it would be Jared Mogard that dominated the event early on when his #01 Maxxed Out Motorsports entry paced the field for 38 laps. Other lap leaders included Sam Maxwell and Jamie Moore. A long green flag run would give way to a sequence of green flag pit stops.

2017-07-11 22-29-40_0

All of the leaders would come down pit road for service except for Tom Giannini who saved fuel for the beginning portion of the race. That extra fuel would be the difference as the #33 would stay out for a few extra laps. Right before Giannini went to enter pit road for service, a caution flag flew and changed the entire complexion of the race. Giannini led the field to the ensuing green flag and he would not look back.

2017-07-11 22-24-02_0

Shortly after the restart, Jared Mogard’s #01 experienced mechanical issues before he could mount a comeback. The issues would relegate him to a 17th place finish. Giannini went on to win the event after leading 53 out of 100 laps. Finishing second was Sam Maxwell, 3rd was Shawn Musick, 4th was Danny Rodgers and Dominic Lee rounded out the top 5.

2017-07-11 22-30-46_0

Zachary Bozanich did not show up for the event at Kentucky and because of that, he lost his Chase spot to Jason Stewart. There were no other changes to the drivers in the top 8. Now it’s time to meet your 2017 Chase field:

2017-07-11 22-26-54_0
Jared Mogard: #01, 2 wins, 5 top 5s, 5 top 10s

2017-07-11 22-20-13_0

Tom Giannini: #33, 1 win, 5 top 5s, 7 top 10s

2017-05-02 22-22-40_0

Ty Hester: #36, 1 win, 5 top 5s, 7 top 10s


Sam Maxwell: #98, 1 win, 5 top 5s, 7 top 10s


Jason Stewart: #1, 1 win, 2 top 5s, 6 top 10s


Allan Young: #24, 0 wins, 2 top 5s, 7 top 10s


Jonathan Holstein: #70, 0 wins, 1 top 5, 4 top 10s


Jim Foose: #42, 0 wins, 0 top 5s, 3 top 10s

On behalf of ASRS, we would like to congratulate out 8 Chase drivers as they set out to settle the 2017 Xfinity Series Championship. The next race will be at Mid-Ohio on August 1st!

Hester Goes from Worst to First at Talladega

Twitchy Race Reports

(TALLADEGA, AL) The ASRS Xfinity Series headed to Talladega for a 150 mile event. There would be a full field of forty-three drivers going for one of thirty-two starting spots. Headlines would see 2nd place Justin Brown and 4th place Jared Mogard in the championship standings not make the starting field.

2017-05-02 22-31-42_0

In qualifying Jake Douglas would sit on the pole with Mitch Brown 2nd, Jesse Curry 3rd, Dominic Lee 4th, and Tom Giannini 5th. There would be six yellow flags for twenty-two laps with thirteen leaders and twenty lead changes.

2017-05-02 22-29-16_0

The first yellow would come on lap 12 when the 49 of Douglas and the 38 of Dan Matthews would make contact on the back stretch causing a chain reaction wreck in the process. Douglas would continue on while Matthews would have issues going multiple laps down. The second yellow came on lap 21 when the 04 of Thomas Wagner would turn the 26 of Ronnie Osmer going into turn one collecting the 89 of John Kennedy and the 30 of Brad Cross. Everyone would be able to continue on though as the 89 and 30 had minimal damage.

2017-05-02 22-27-12_0

The third yellow came on lap twenty-seven when the 41 of Tim Knott would make contact with the 43 of Steve Buhala collecting a few other drivers. The fourth yellow came out on lap thirty-six when the 30 of Cross and the 89 of Kennedy made slight contact and sent the 89 into the 24 of Allan Young. Both drivers suffered a lot of damage. This would set up a seventeen lap sprint to the end.

2017-05-02 22-24-08_0

The fifth yellow would come out on lap fifty-one and it would be the awaited “big one” as the leaders were battling for the lead and the 3 of Pete Baskins would hook the 30 of Cross which sent the race leader 91 Zac Bozanich up the track and caused a multi-car wreck. This would set up a short sprint to the end with just only two laps to go. The yellow would come out on the backstretch and  ended the race under yellow after the leaders made contact and caused another multi-car wreck to end this one.

2017-05-02 22-27-38_0At the end of the event it was Ty Hester cruising to his 38th Career ASRS Victory followed by Dominic Lee, Tom Giannini, Jason Stewart, and Steven Trombly rounded out the top 5. With just one race left before the playoffs start this is how the playoff picture look Ty Hester took over the point lead with Sam Maxwell 2nd, Justin Brown 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, Tom Giannini moved up two spots to 5th, Jonathan Holstein also moved up two spots to 6th, Jim Foose followed suit moving up to 7th, and Allan Young who had a tough night fell three spots to 8th in the final playoff spot. Sitting just outside the top 8 is Zac Bozanich just four points out of 8th and Jason Stewart five points behind Foose in 8th. Brad Cross is 11th in the standings and going to need help as he sits twenty-four points out of 8th.

2017-05-02 22-30-37_0

The Xfinity Series is now taking a ten week break before returning to action July 11th from the Kentucky Speedway for the Kentucky 150 a 100 lap event. This will be the final race before the four race playoffs start to crown the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series Champion. As for the next ASRS event the Super Late Models are in action from New Smyrna tomorrow night.

Mogard Takes Wild Richmond Victory


(RICHMOND, VA) Richmond International Speedway for a 125 lap event was the storyline for the Xfinity Series as they had their 10th event of the 2017 season. There were thirty-six drivers who showed up to try and make the thirty-two car starting field. Qualifying seen Jake Douglas sit on the pole with Justin Brown 2nd, Tom Giannini 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, and Ty Hester 5th. It was a caution filled event which continued the recent trend for the ASRS competitors as of late. There were twelve caution flag periods for sixty laps. That would be just shy of half the race run under yellow. There were nine lead changes between seven different drivers. The theme of the night was the field pacing under yellow as the pace car spent a lot of time on the racing surface tonight. Along with the slow pace that the night seen it would also see a lot of the point contenders have issues tonight.


Ty Hester who came into Richmond leading the points would have a tough night being caught up in a few accidents not of his own making. Also Justin Brown another driver in the top 3 in points would have a rough night as well. Other notables the 8th place driver in the standings Jim Foose who held the final playoff spot in the Xfinity Series would have car issues and miss the first 10 laps of the event costing him a good point day as well. The last big storyline in the point series was Jason Stewart who was 9th in the points coming into tonight failed to qualify for the event. Stewart was just 1 point out of the 8th and final playoff spot.

There were several yellows as mentioned before but during the few green flag laps the drivers did get seen good racing up in the top 5 between the top finishers at the end of the evening. The last eight lap dash to the end seen Tom Giannini and Jared Mogard have a good battle for the lead and eventual win. Jared Mogard would make the pass on Giannini with just a handful to go before the final yellow waved. Off the restart Mogard would rocket to the lead driving away for the final four laps to claim his 15th Career ASRS Victory and his 2nd on the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series Season. We caught up with Mogard following the event and he had this to say “It feels good to get back to victory lane here at ASRS. I thought we had thrown away our chances at the W when we got a speeding penalty but were able to drive back through the field and survive to have a shot. We had a great battle with Tom at the end and it was clean racing so got to thank him for racing me clean as well. I want to thank my Sponsors Twitchy Race Reports, Captain/Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and lastly to my team Maxxed Out Motorsports and to my teammates. Now hopefully we can repeat this tomorrow in the Super Late Models.”


The top 8 drivers after Race #10 with just two events before the playoffs are as followed. Sam Maxwell takes over the point lead with Hester’s tough luck. There’s a tie for 2nd with Justin Brown being scored 2nd, Ty Hester 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, Allan Young moved up two spots to 5th, Zac Bozanich 6th, Tom Giannini jumped up three spots into the playoff picture in 7th, and holding the final spot in the playoffs is Jonathan Holstein who actually LOST three spots in the standings in 8th. Jim Foose and Brad Cross are 9th and 10th respectively just twelve points out of the final spot with just two events left before the playoffs start. The ASRS Xfinity Series is back in action next Tuesday May 2nd from the Talladega Super Speedway for a 57 lap restrictor plate event.

Brown Takes Bristol Victory

2017-04-11 22-36-15_0

Twitchy Race Reports
(BRISTOL, TN) Race #9 of the ASRS Xfinity Series took the drivers to the Bristol Motor Speedway for a 200 lap or 85 minute whichever came first event. It would be a full field of forty-three drivers going for one of the thirty-two starting spots. Leading qualifying would be Nolan Sutton with Jonathan Holstein to his outside. The rest of the top 5 were as followed, Sam Maxwell 3rd, Cole Eastman 4th, and Jake Douglas 5th. The top 5 saw a few new faces to the Xfinity Series with Sutton an Eastman making their debuts in the series.

2017-04-11 21-24-53_0

The race would be much like Sportsman Truck Series on Sunday night with a very caution filled event. It would see sixteen caution flags for eighty laps. Would also see Eight different lead changes between five different drivers. Jake Douglas would lead the most laps with 86. Other drivers leading at least a lap would be Justin Brown, Jonathan Holstein, Allan Young, and Nolan Sutton. If we took the time to cover every yellow flag incident it would take a long time to get through this report. As mentioned before the race was scheduled for 200 laps or 85 minutes. That time limit would come into play. The 85 minute time clock would end the race after 181 laps were complete. It cut the race 19 laps short from the originally scheduled distance. The first half of the race saw Jake Douglas dominate leading the race as it appeared he was on his was to his 3rd ASRS Xfinity Win in 2017. However a pit stop roughly 60 laps in would put Douglas back in traffic for the first time.

2017-04-11 22-38-38_0

It would shake the field up and made for some good racing in the top 5 with drivers battling for position and the race lead. With Douglas pitting it would hand the lead over to Justin Brown shortly after the green flag came back out. Once Brown got to the lead he would not look back as he would have to fend off late race challenges from Ty Hester, Sam Maxwell, Jake Douglas, and Dylan Hickey. Justin Brown would hang on and survive a 1 lap dash back to the checkered flag when the time limit ran out just as the field was going back green from a yellow flag. Joining in the top 5 would be Sam Maxwell 2nd, Jake Douglas 3rd, Robby Baskins 4th, and Jared Mogard would round out the top 5. Maxwell would gain some points on the point leader Ty Hester who finished 6th just behind Mogard. After Race #9 the current eight drivers who are in the playoffs which starts in just 3 races (Richmond, Talladega, and Kentucky) are as followed: Ty Hester hangs on to the point lead with Sam Maxwell 2nd, Justin Brown 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, Jonathan Holstein 5th, Zac Bozanich 6th, Allan Young 7th, and currently 8th is Jim Foose.

2017-04-11 22-37-08_0

The Xfinity Series is back in action April 25th for another short track event from the Richmond International Raceway for a 125 lap event. As for racing action next Tuesday April 18th the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series is in action from Richmond for a 100 lap event. That race you can of course catch on Off Camber TV’s Youtube channel.

Mogard Goes California Dreamin’


Twitchy Race Reports

(FONTANA, CA) The ASRS officials and drivers were back in action tonight after a week off. The Xfinity was the series in action after a month off. They made the trip out west to the Auto Club Speedway for a 75 lap/150 mile event which seen the place fill up as all 43 of the available pit stalls would be used. The forty-three drivers would take their shots at the 32 car starting field. After qualifying was done it seen the series point leader going into this race Ty Hester put his #36 on the pole to bring the field to green. The rest of the top 5 was followed up with Michael Atkins Jr. 2nd, Sam Maxwell 3rd, Robby Baskins 4th, and Jake Douglas 5th. The quick race stats were as followed 3 yellow flags flew during the 75 lap event for 11 laps. The race seen 8 different leaders with Ty Hester leading the most laps with 38.


The race started out a bit rough as a short run of two laps would happen before the first yellow flew. There was a wreck coming out of turn 4 which started with the #64 of Lee Staples, the #11 of Nathaniel Cherry, and the #77 of Alex Giese running 3-wide. Cherry would come down a bit too much getting into Giese’s right rear quarter which sent him head on into the front stretch wall. This collected several drivers as it started mid pack of the field. Under the yellow it would see most of the front runners stay out while everyone from roughly 10th on back decided to pit for tires early on.


The race would go back to green on lap 6 and would stay that way for 6 laps as the 2nd yellow would fly on lap 12. This wreck again would happen off turn 4 as the #48 of Mitch Brown appeared to have blinked out in the server and lagged into the #12 of Shawn Musick which sent him spinning up toward the front stretch wall. The #25 of Kris Titus would save Musick from hitting the wall as Shawn would be sent spinning into Titus and they spun down the front stretch. Titus would be the lucky one out of the whole incident as he received little to minimal damage and would be able to stay on the lead lap and continue in the event. Musick and Brown however would have to fix damage and go laps down to the leaders. During this yellow flag period the field decided to come down pit road to get tires and fuel.


The race went back green on lap 17 and seen one of the longest runs of the evening going 21 laps. During the green flag run it was all Ty Hester in his #36 Camry dominating the race building over a 3 second lead over the rest of the field. The 3rd and final yellow flew on lap 38 for a wreck that involved the #49 of Jake Douglas and the #89 of John Kennedy. The yellow came at a very interesting time as green flag pit stops were in the process of being made. The big break came for the #01 of Jared Mogard as he was able to get onto pit road just before the yellow came out. Mogard was able to get tires and fuel and beat the leads out of pit road. This proved to be a smart move by Mogard as after everything cycled through during the yellow flag it would give Mogard and his #01 team the lead.


The race went back green on lap 42 leaving a 33 lap shootout to the end and provide it stayed green would set up for strategy to play into things as everyone would have to make 1 more pit stop for fuel at the very lease. The race did just that going green to the end. The field would begin their green flag pit stops on lap 56 with just 20 laps left in the race. As the field began to cycle through the final stops it appeared that it was going to be a good finish with friendly rivals Ty Hester and Jared Mogard dueling for the Checkered flag as it appeared to look as if they were going to be first and 2nd after everything cycled through. The hopes of that finish playing out came to an end as Robby Baskins left pit road and was on the apron of turns one and two getting back up to speed would get loose and hit Ty Hester shooting Ty straight up the track and into the wall. Mogard was somehow just barely able to miss that and make it through that without any contact. This incident would shuffle Ty way back as arguably the fastest car all night seen his shot at winning come to an end late in the event. One man’s misfortune is another man’s fortune as Jared Mogard would go on to cruise to his first win on the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series and his 14th career win at ASRS. This would also be Mogard’s 2nd straight win as he won the Pro Series finale before the Break. We caught up with Mogard following the win and he has this to say “We were able to go from our 19th starting spot to cruise through the field. We had a top 5 car I felt like and were able to catch some good breaks for a change and things just happened to work out. It’s unfortunate what happened to Ty as he was the fastest car and I felt he probably would have gotten passed us. Was looking forward to racing him though for the win. I need to thank my sponsors Twitchy Race Reports, Captain Morgan/Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and to my team Maxxed Out Motorsports. I need to give team owner Kris Titus a shout out for keeping me calm the last month or so as things just haven’t gone the way this #01 team has expected. It feels as if things have turned around and we look to keep it rolling.”


The top 5 finishing spots looked like this Jared Mogard with the Win, Brandon Smith 2nd, Justin Brown 3rd, Devin Serra 4th, and Zac Bozanich 5th. The points took a big shake up after the event due to the late race incidents. The current top 8 drivers that are locked into the Playoffs after Race #8 are Ty Hester maintaining the point lead, Sam Maxwell 2nd, Justin Brown 3rd, Zac Bozanich 4th, Jared Mogard 5th (jumping up 6 spots), Jonathan Holstein 6th, Jim Foose 7th, and tied for 8th are Brad Cross and Allan Young. The next ASRS Xfinity race is scheduled for April 4th as they will take on the tricky triangle at the Pocono Speedway for a 40 lap/100 mile Pocono 100.

Maxwell Hits Las Vegas Jackpot


By Jared Mogard

(LAS VEGAS, NV) The sixth round of the 2017 ASRS Xfinity Series brought the teams to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for 100 laps of action tonight. It would be Justin Brown setting fast time and taking the pole award,  to his outside bringing the field to green would be Sam Maxwell to start this 100 lap event. Three drivers failed to qualify: #2 Jordan Harnish, #08 Gary Nichols, and #35 Michael Cunic.  The race would see 8 caution flag periods for 29 laps with 11 different lead changes.


Sam Maxwell would jump to the early race lead before having to do battle with Jake Douglas, Zac Bozanich, and Justin Brown. The battle was a good one until there was contact with Zac getting into the wall and bouncing off getting into Jake Douglas resulting in the first yellow flag of the event. Ty Hester would take the lead and would hold it till Jared Mogard would work his way to the front to take the lead. Mogard would go on to lead the next 51 laps which extended through multiple yellow flag periods and a few pit stops.


The final set of pit stops came with just under 30 laps to go where Mogard who was the race leader brought the field down for their final stop of the event. A slow stop would cost Mogard the race lead. The beneficial after pit stops would be Sam Maxwell would got out of pit road first and regained the lead. What turned out to be the final restart would come with 25 laps to go which seen Sam Maxwell take his #98 to the race lead and never looked back as he would cruise to victory. The yellow would come out with 3 laps to go thus ending the race under yellow. Sam Maxwell and Justin Brown finished 1st and 2nd flip flopping from their original starting spots. Zac Bozanich was 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, and Ty Hester the series point leader finished with a solid 5th place finish.


After six the Xfinity Series Championship Standings, which see the top 8 in the standings make the Xfinity Series “Playoffs” see Ty Hester still atop the standings, Sam Maxwell 2nd, Justin Brown 3rd, Jason Stewart 4th, Allan Young 5th, Jonathan Holstein 6th, Tom Giannini 7th, and tied for the 8th and final spot Zac Bozanich AND Jared Mogard.


Next week the ASRS Xfinity Series hits the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway for 60 laps of plate racing.