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McCanney Takes Wild Daytona Victory

2018-02-13 22-16-41_0

(Daytona Beach, FL) The ASRS Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series kicked off the 2018 season Tuesday night in the Sam Maxwell Customs Daytona 150 at the Daytona International Speedway. Renowned for close pack-racing due to restricted engine packages, the Superspeedway contest would be slated for 60 laps, an increase of 25 miles compared to the previous year, and feature 36 drivers.

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Prior to the main event, an Open Qualifier would be utilized, filling the remaining starting positions unused by the 18 locked-in drivers (as determined by 2017 points and participation). 19 of 55 drivers would ultimately fail to make the field. Final round qualifying would see Devin Serra (20) earn the pole position with a lap time of 50.049s. Rick Thompson (92) would fall just short, by 0.007s, to start on Serra’s outside.

2018-02-13 22-41-54_0

At the drop of the green, Serra would get the advantage, pulling ahead of Thompson with drafting help from Kris Titus (25). Serra would tally his first lap lead under caution, as drivers checking up mid-pack would result in the truck of Brad Cross (30) becoming airborne due to contact from Pete Baskins (3) heading into Turn 3.

2018-02-13 22-46-40_0

Devin Serra would lead the field to green again on Lap 6, with Rick Thompson holding on as the trucks worked up to full speed. Within a few laps, Thompson would overtake Serra by way of the outside lane and drafting help in John Kennedy (89). Clearing Serra, Thompson moved down to the inside lane and settled in.

2018-02-13 22-48-33_0

Moving fast in the outside lane, Kennedy would clear Thompson with help from Jeremy Banning (15), moving to the bottom to assume the lead for a handful of laps. Thompson would fight back, earning the position once again, but Kennedy would make another press from the outside. Kennedy would ultimately lose momentum, opening the door for Kris Titus to slide up in front of Kennedy and trade laps lead with Thompson.

2018-02-13 21-50-58_0

Lap 25; Kris Titus would catch the bumper of Rick Thompson while trying to change lanes, spinning in front of the field and triggering the ‘Big One.’ With 20 cars affected, the yellow flag would fly for the 2nd time. For drivers uninvolved, the opportunity to change tires and top off fuel would be welcomed, with Brian Yaczik (55) picking up the lead off of pit road.

2018-02-13 22-40-43_0

Returning to green, Yaczik would lead Thompson on the inside line with pressure from Jamie Moore (82) and Jason Stewart (11) coming from the top-side. With just a lap of green run, Moore would make a sharp left in Turn 1 due to contact from Stewart, triggering another multi-car incident and freezing the field.

2018-02-13 22-19-37_0

With clean-up complete, the green flag would wave once again. Brian Yaczik would continue as the leader, heading a breakaway of 5 trucks. Yaczik would deter a handful of challenges from Jordan Miller (76) before the front 5 would settle in as single file.

2018-02-13 22-49-53_0

Yaczik would feel pressure with 2 laps to go as Randy McCanney (17) would challenge on the outside with drafting help from Tom Giannini (44). McCanney would nose ahead of Yaczik as the leaders took the white flag. Clearing Yaczik by Turn 1, McCanney would move to the inside to maintain the position. Yaczik would take a look to the outside of McCanney on the Superstretch, but in doing so would make contact with Giannini, spinning into the outside wall.

2018-02-13 22-18-24_0

Boonville, NY’s Randy McCanney would hang on to pick-up the win, leading the final 2 laps on his way to Victory Lane. Tom Giannini would also earn bonus points for leading laps in addition to his 2nd place finish. Third would go to Mitch Brown (81) after starting 7th.

2018-02-13 22-52-06_0

Pole-sitter Devin Serra would tally 7 laps led, but score a 23rd place finish after sustaining damage in an accident. 5th place finisher Yaczik would lead a race-high 33 laps including the halfway point, earning additional bonus points in the season standings. John Kennedy, Rick Thompson, and Kris Titus would also earn lead lap bonus points.

2018-02-13 21-49-16_0

Leaving Florida, Truck Series points will nearly mirror the Daytona finishing order; McCanney will hold the points lead with Giannini in 2nd, 4 points behind. Brian Yaczik, Mitch Brown, and Jordan Miller round out the top-5.

Next week, the ASRS Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series will return on Tuesday, February 20th for the Sam Maxwell Customs Atlanta 125. As with Daytona, the race distance has been increased from the 2017 distance. Race coverage presented by ASRS partner Prime Time Racing TV will begin at 9:10PM Eastern.

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Mogard Wins the Race, Stewart The Truck Champion

2017-11-14 21-58-30_0

Twitchy Race Reports

(HOMESTEAD, FL) The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series took the track for one final time in 2017 as the Championship Finale took place at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The night had 35 drivers make the trip for the 67-lap event.

2017-11-14 22-03-08_0

Following qualifying it was Nick Kohan putting his #57 on the pole alongside him would be championship contender Devin Serra in 2nd, Jordan Ashelin 3rd, Zack Calloway 4th, and Jonathan Holstein rounded out the top 5. The race had only 1 yellow flag which came with just 2 laps to go. As mentioned there was only 1 yellow flag during the event which made for lots of green flag racing and pit strategies to come into play.

2017-11-14 22-09-54_0

The race was dominated by Nick Kohan as he would lead the first stint of the race. Kohan, Ashelin, and Serra drove away from 4th place running Jared Mogard during the first part of the race. Mogard would drive away from the rest of the pack by roughly 3 seconds. The top 3 drivers would begin pit stops on lap 28. This would be a key point in the race and Mogard and most of the rest of the field stretched their fuel to lap 33. There were apparent two different strategies with the top 3 drivers making it a two pit stop race with the rest of the field trying to make it a 1 stop race. The winning strategy turned out to be the 1 stop race. Ashelin would be the first to pit on roughly lap 45 while Devin Serra would pit on lap 50.

2017-11-14 22-06-45_0

Nick Kohan went into heavy fuel saving mode trying to catch a late race yellow to give him a chance at the win. That yellow he was looking for did not come out fast enough. Jared Mogard would pass Kohan with just 8 laps to go and would not look back. The yellow would come out as the field was coming to 2 laps to go for a single car wreck in turn 3. This would give Jared Mogard his 5th SMC Truck Series Win in 2017 and his 26th Career ASRS Victory. Also, Mogard would make it two in a row as he won last week at Phoenix. As for the Championship 4 it was Jason Stewart who went with the 1 stop race strategy to come home 5th and would fend off Allan Young who was 6th to claim the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Championship. This would be Stewart’s first career Championship at ASRS. As mentioned Young was 6th right behind Stewart, Serra who missed played the strategy by a little finishing 12th, and Foose who struggled a bit throughout the race ended up 16th.

2017-11-14 22-12-40_0

It’s been a fun year for the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series on behalf of ASRS, Twitchy Race Reports, and Sam Maxwell Customs we want to thank all the drivers, the fans for tuning into the live broadcast, and speaking of broadcast we want to thank Prime Time TV for coming on board for the final two events of the Truck Series to bring it to you fans.  We look forward to what the future holds with them. 

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Until 2018 we wish you a happy off season!!!!!

Mogard takes Phoenix Truck Win

2017-11-07 22-10-34_0

Twitchy Race Reports

(AVONDALE, AZ) The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series was back in action tonight from the short track of the Phoenix International Speedway for the 3rd and final race of Round 2 of Playoffs. Coming into the night 6 drivers were going after a spot in the Final 4. The evening seen 33 drivers make the trip to the dessert to compete in the 75-lap event in which honored all of Veterans who have or are serving this great country. Following qualifying it was Alex Giese putting his #77 on the pole followed by Sam Maxwell 2nd, Ty Hester 3rd, Jonathan Holstein 4th, and Jordan Ashlein rounded out the top 5. The race had 10 caution flag periods for 38 laps. There were 4 different leaders in which Jared Mogard led the most laps at 32, Tom Giannini led 27, Jonathan Holstein 15, and Ty Hester led just 1 lap. The action picked up on the opening lap at Maxwell was in the lead coming out of turn 4 on the opening lap and the #77 of Giese got into the left rear of Maxwell and sent him up and over a few times.

2017-11-07 22-22-31_0

The early wreck gave Jonathan Holstein the race lead. Holstein would hang on to the lead for 10 laps before the yellow came out for Jim Foose who spun out in turns 1 and 2 with no damage. Following pit stops it would be Tom Giannini who would stay out would assume the lead of the race. This mixed the field up a little bit as some guys stayed out and some pitted. Off the restart the mix up seen a quick yellow as the #78 of Steve Trombly got into the #97 sending the #97 of Andy Veltman spinning. The mid portion of the race seen a few more yellow flags involving minor incidents. Some of the leaders would make their final stop on lap 50 when the yellow was out setting them up for a 25-lap run to the end of the event.

2017-11-07 22-27-16_0

Through a few more caution periods it was Tom Giannini who would try to fend off the drivers who pitted on lap 50 under yellow. Giannini’s efforts would come up short as Mogard would get by the #33 with just roughly 10 laps to go. Mogard would have to withstand two final late race restarts before the yellow came out ending the race under yellow and giving Mogard his 4th Victory on the 2017 SMC Truck Series Season. Behind Jared Mogard it was Devin Serra 2nd, Jamie Moore 3rd, Zack Calloway went from 22nd to finish 4th, and Ty Hester rounded out the top 5 finishing 5th.

2017-11-07 22-33-06_0

As mentioned this was Jared Mogard’s 4th Truck Win on the season and his 25th Career ASRS Victory. He had this to say following the win “Feels good to get back into victory lane in the truck series. I just want to thank all my sponsors; Twitchy Race Reports, Coffman Racing Graphics, Kris Titus and team Maxxed Out Motorsports. I want to thank all the Veterans past and current who serve and protect us and allow us to race every week. I want to give a shout out to Karla as we continue to think about her and to Nick Coffman as he lost his Grandma roughly a week ago. Got to thank Jim for the awesome league and to Prime Time TV for coming on board to bring these Truck races to all the great fans. On to Homestead now to try and get another W.”

2017-11-07 22-29-43_0


As for the Playoff drivers Devin Serra led the way finishing 2nd and will be a part of the final 4 next week, Jason Stewart 6th and will also punch his ticket to the final 4, Jim Foose struggled a bit finishing 20th but it was enough to get himself into the championship finale next week, and the 4th and final driver to battle for the title next week will be Allan Young who finished 24th. Brad Cross was in attendance tonight but had connection issues in which resulted in the end of Cross’s championship hopes, and Michael Atkins Jr. was not in attendance tonight as he has withdrawn himself from ASRS competition to take on different activities.

2017-11-07 22-18-49_0

Next week the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series heads to the Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Championship Finale. Which one of the Final 4 will be crowned the Champion? Be sure to head over to Prime Time Racing TV on Facebook give them a “like” and be sure to check out the LIVE broadcast next week as we crown a champion.

Foose Wins For Fifth Time at Texas

2017-10-31 22-32-51_0

Tonight, the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series was back in action from the Texas Motor Speedway for the 2nd race of the 2nd round of the Playoffs. The evening had 35 drives make the trip for the 36-truck starting field. Following qualifying it was Devin Serra grabbing the pole for the event with Mitchell Brown sitting to his outside, Justin Brown was 3rd, Michael Atkins Jr. 4th, and Sam Maxwell rounded out the top 5. The race had 8 different leaders with Mitchell Brown leading the most laps at 35, Justin Brown, Devin Serra, Allan Young, Jim Foose, Richard Fletcher, Jeremey Banning, and Sam Maxwell all led at least 1 lap during the race.

2017-10-31 22-42-53_0

The race was dominated by Mitchel Brown early on leading the first 35 laps before giving way to Justin Brown. Brown would take control of the race. The mid part of the race seen a long green flag run in which saw green flag pit stops. This is where things would get shook up. Roughly through half way through the green flag pit stops the yellow flag would come out trapping a lot of fast runners down a lap.

2017-10-31 22-37-03_0

With the leaders having to pit they would get the wave around but would not have as fresh of tires as the guys who stayed out. This would be a break for some guys such as Foose, John Kennedy, Steve Buhala and a few others who normally don’t run up front would find themselves in a good spot late in the race with a chance to not only win but have very strong showings for their respective teams.

2017-10-31 22-45-55_0

The race would end under yellows as there was a wreck up toward the front of the pack that led to multiple cars being involved in the wreck. When the yellow flew it was Justin Brown up front leading who appeared to be on his way to victory. However, for whatever reason Brown would go down pit road which would hand the lead and victory to Jim Foose. This win at the time advanced Foose and his #42 team into the Final 4 at Homestead as he is in the championship playoffs. The rest of the top 5 were as followed Steve Buhala went from his 27th starting spot to finish 2nd, Scott Smith 3rd, John Kennedy went from 18th to finish 4th, and Jared Mogard went from 20th to finish in the 5th spot.

2017-10-31 22-34-06_0

This is Jim’s first SMC Truck Series Win in 2017 and his 108th Career ASRS Victory. However as mentioned following post-race review Jim’s Win will NOT advance him to homestead as a result of Brown pitting mysteriously. The officials also deemed Justin Brown to have affected the outcome of the event and have since Suspended and Banned Justin Brown from ASRS sanctioned events.
As for the Playoff drivers Jim Foose led the way Winning, Michael Atkins finished 7th, Brad Cross finished 11th after having to serve a black flag under green flag conditions, Allan Young ended up 14th, Devin Serra finished 17th, and Jason Stewart was in a late race wreck in which put him in a 20th place finishing position.

2017-10-31 22-44-30_0

The point standings heading into next week’s elimination race at Phoenix International Raceway look like this, Michael Atkins Jr. holds the point lead tied with Allan Young, Jim Foose who as mentioned CAN’T use his win to automatically advance to the Final 4 sits 3rd just 1 point out of the lead, Devin Serra sits in the 4th spot and has a 3-point lead over Brad Cross who is 5th in the standings, and Jason Stewart rounds out the top 6 and is just 9 points out of the 4th spot.

2017-10-31 22-40-03_0
Who will be the final 4 drivers racing for the SMC Truck Championship at the Homestead Miami Speedway in 2 weeks? Who is going to take advantage of the short track next week to advance or even win? These are the questions to be answered next week. So be sure to check back to to find out those answers….

Mogard Takes Lucas Oil Victory, Playoff Drivers Struggle

2017-10-24 22-18-17_0

Twitchy Race Reports

The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series was back in action tonight from the short tracks of the Lucas Oil Speedway for a 125 lap event. This would be Race #1 of the 2nd round of the 2017 Playoffs. The six drivers that advanced were Brad Cross, Michael Atkins Jr., Allan Young, Jim Foose, Jason Stewart, and Devin Serra. There were 30 drivers who made the trip making the 36 max starting field.
2017-10-24 22-28-53_0
At the conclusion of qualifying it was Devin Serra making the first statement grabbing the pole putting the pressure on the other 5 playoff drivers, Ty Hester was 2nd, Kevin Mingus 3rd, Jared Mogard 4th, and Troy Haydt rounded out the top 5.
2017-10-24 22-24-10_0
The race had 10 caution flag periods for 49 laps with 4 different lead changes. Ty Hester led the way on the laps lead board leading 73 laps, Mogard led 34 laps, Troy Haydt led 17 laps and Jordan Harnish led for 1 lap. The race had an unexpected start to it going the first 30 laps green before the first yellow flew. During that first yellow it was Ty Hester cruising to the lead and showed early race dominance. The mid part of the race is where all the yellows started to happen.
2017-10-24 22-23-21_0
Through all the yellows Hester maintained the lead for the first 73 laps of the event. Under a yellow the field would pit and staying out would be the #63 of Troy Haydt as he would take over the top spot and would lead for the next 17 laps.
2017-10-24 22-26-27_0
Haydt fended off the fresh tires for a few restarts. However off a restart both Mogard and Hester would pressure the #63 and going into turn 3.  Hester would get into Haydt and spin both Haydt and Hester out. This happened as Mogard was on the top of the race track and was able to cruise on by to take over the lead. This would turn out to be the last lead change as Mogard would hang on to the lead. He would have to deal with a late race restart with roughly 5 laps to go in which he was able to drive away from Harnish to cruise to his 3rd SMC Truck Series Win in 2017 and his 23rd Career ASRS Victory. Jordan Harnish finished 2nd, Jeremy Banning 3rd from his 20th starting spot, Kevin Mingus had a very impressive solid run finishing 4th, and Allan Young was the only playoff driver to have a good night rounding out the top 5 finishing 5th.
2017-10-24 22-29-15_0
We caught up with Mogard and he had this to say on the win “It feels good to get the win in the SMC Truck Series. It’s been awhile and long overdue. We’ve ran decent but been lacking the performances I expect and the team expects out of the #01 Truck. I want to thank my sponsors Twitchy Race Reports, Coffman Racing Graphics, and lastly my team Maxxed Out Motorsports. I have to thank Kris Titus for again letting me be a part of the best team out there. Lastly again want to give a shout out to Titus’s mom Karla who is fighting cancer we are thinking about you and will continue to honor you in any way this team can!!!”
2017-10-24 22-21-47_0
As for the Playoff drivers Allan Young topped the 6 drivers finishing 5th. Michael Atkins Jr. finished a solid 11th staying clean and working through the field as he started 30th on the grid. Devin Serra who was the pole sitter had some issues and was involved in some wrecks in the pack and wound up 12th. Jason Stewart had issues and was involved in a big wreck he ended up 17th. Brad Cross was involved in that wreck and ended up 20th. Lastly Jim Foose again was in mid-race crash finishing 22nd. The points are as they finished Young leads Atkins Jr., Serra, Stewart, Cross, and Foose.
2017-10-24 22-28-23_0
Next week the SMC Truck Series heads to the high flying Texas Motor Speedway for Race #2 of the 2nd Round of the 2017 Playoffs. As always we strongly encourage you to check out the action LIVE from Off Camber TV. They provide top notch broadcast and we hope you check them out!!!!!

Serra No Longer a Bridesmaid, Winner at Talladega

2017-10-12 23-58-16_0
Twitchy Race Reports
(TALLADEGA, AL) Race #22 for the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series kicked off tonight. It was an elimination race tonight to set the top 6 drivers that would advance to round 2 of the Playoffs. The action took place at Talladega Superspeedway.
2017-10-12 23-54-32_0
The evening saw 38 drivers make the trip for a shot at a spot in the 36 truck starting field. Qualifying seen Alex Giese grab the pole with Sam Maxwell 2nd, Nicholas Kohan 3rd, Jason Stewart 4th, and Michael Atkins Jr. rounded out the top 5. The race only had 2 yellows for just a couple truck wrecks. As mentioned the race seen a lot of green flag racing with just 2 caution periods.
2017-10-10 22-21-20_0
The race went green and had green flag pit stops as well. The race went green till 5 laps to go when the yellow flew for a couple truck wreck. The race would end under caution which saw a first time winner emerge from it with young Devin Serra getting his first career ASRS Victory. Michael Chrobok 2nd, Jarred Haggerty 3rd, Pat Rusha 4th, and Edward Bray rounded out the top 5.
2017-10-10 22-25-08_0
The playoff drivers finished as follows Devin Serra with the Win, Jonathan Holstein went from 23rd to finish 6th, Allan Young 8th, Jim Foose 9th, Michael Atkins Jr. 12th, Jason Stewart 14th, Brad Cross went from 36th to 17th, and Mitch Brown was unable to make the trip.
2017-10-12 23-58-56_0
As for the 6 drivers that will advance to round #2 of the SMC Playoffs it will be Devin Serra, Michael Atkins Jr., Allan Young, Jason Stewart, Brad Cross, and Jim Foose will be the 6 drivers that will do battle over the next 3 races to decide who the 4 drivers will be that will race for the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Championship at Homestead Miami FL.
2017-10-10 22-25-51_0
Next Tuesday the Xfinity Series will run it’s finale of the 2017 season to crown the Champion. The truck series will be in action in 2 weeks. As always be sure to tune into Off Camber TV to catch all the Truck Racing action LIVE!!!!!

Atkins Advances With Las Vegas Win

2017-09-26 21-56-00_0

Twitchy Race Reports
(LAS VEGAS, NV) Race #2 of the Playoffs took place tonight at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in which 37 drivers made the trip for a shot at the 36 truck starting field. In qualifying it would be Troy Haydt start on the pole followed by Michael Atkins Jr 2nd, Dominic Lee 3rd, Mitch Brown 4th, and Michael Chrobok rounded out the top 5.

2017-09-26 22-00-18_0

With only two yellow flag periods for a total of only eight laps there was a lot of green flag racing with green flag pit stops also in the mix. The race saw Michael Atkins Jr lead the most laps leading 45 of them. After a cycle of green flag stops that started with roughly 23 to go it seen Michael Atkins Jr hang on and cruise to his 6th Career ASRS Victory. Not only was this a big win for Atkins but as a playoff driver he has now punched his ticket into the 2nd round of the playoffs which will start in 3 weeks. Following Atkins was Nick Kohan who has been the hottest driver in ASRS as of late finishing 2nd, Sam Maxwell went from 18th to 3rd, Tom Giannini finished 4th, and rounding out the top 5 was Tim Knott who cruised from his 20th starting position.

2017-09-26 22-10-39_0

Playoff contenders finished as follows Michael Atkins Jr won, Devin Serra 9th, Allan Young 12th, Jason Stewart 17th, Jim Foose 18th, Mitch Brown 22nd, Brad Cross 27th after being involved in a wreck, and Jonathan Holstein was a no show tonight ruining his chances at being the 2017 Champion. As for the point standings Michael Atkins goes to the top of the standings with his Win that advances him to the 2nd round. Devin Serra sits second -11 points,Allan Young in 3rd -22 points, Mitch Brown in 4th -25 points, Jason Stewart in 5th also -25 points,  Brad Cross in 6th, the final transfer position -26 points,  Jim Foose in 7th -37 points and -11 from the cut line, and Jonathan Holstein in 8th -60 points, 34 points behind the cut line.

Next week the SMC Truck Series is off as the Xfinity Series will run its elimination race which will set the final four drivers that will compete to see who will be the 2017 Xfinity Series Champion. So be sure to check out Off Camber TV in 2 WEEKS when the SMC Truck Series is back in action to see who the 6 drivers are that will advance to the 2nd round of the Playoffs to see who will go to Homestead to do battle for the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Championship.

Kohan Takes New Hampshire Win

2017-09-19 22-30-02_0

Twitchy Race Reports

(LOUDON, NH) The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series was in action for Race #1 of the 2017 Playoffs. 32 drivers made the trip to New Hampshire Speedway to do battle for 88 laps. The race would be a caution filled event seeing 10 caution flags for 40 laps nearly half the race. In qualifying it would be Jake Douglas sitting on the pole with Jonathan Holstein 2nd, Devin Serra 3rd, Mitchell Brown 4th, and Tom Giannini rounded out the top 5.

2017-09-19 22-51-27_0

Early in the race it sawJake Douglas drive from the pole to lead the first 30 laps of the event. However Douglas would encounter trouble as the race went on spinning out putting himself toward the back of the pack. This would open the door as Devin Serra would lead the race for 9 laps before giving way to Nicholas Kohan who would go on to lead the final 44 laps of the event.

2017-09-19 22-35-41_0

Kohan would cruise to the Win in the first playoff race meaning that it will still be the top 6 drivers in the standings going to round 2 after the 3rd race of the playoffs. This would be Kohan’s 12th Career ASRS Victory in what’s been a very dominant return to ASRS competition. The top 5 looked like this behind race winner Kohan it was Michael Chrobok who finished 2nd from his 20th starting spot, Devin Serra 3rd, Dominic Lee 4th, and Brad Cross 5th from his 12th starting spot. As for the playoff drivers they finished pretty solid for the most part. Devin Serra lead the playoff drivers finishing 3rd, Brad Cross 5th, Mitchell Brown 6th, Michael Atkins 7th, Allan Young 10th, Jason Stewart 12th, Jim Foose 19th, and Jonathan Holstein 28th.

2017-09-19 22-45-16_0

As for the point standings after Race #1 of the Playoffs and #20 of the season it’s Brad Cross atop the standings leading by 3 points over Devin Serra in 2nd, -4 points to Mitchell Brown in 3rd, -5 points to Michael Atkins Jr in 4th, -9 points to Jason Stewart in 5th, -11 points over Allan Young in 6th, -20 points over Jim Foose in 7th, and -28 points over Jonathan Holstein.

2017-09-19 22-38-39_0

Next week the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series heads to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a 73 lap event for Race #2 of the 2017 Playoffs. Be sure to tune in next week and for the remainder of the playoffs at Off Camber TV to see who is crowned the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Champion.

Jake Douglas Wins Epic Duel with Dominic Lee, Chase Field Set

2017-09-12 22-09-31_0By Tom Giannini

(JOLIET, IL) The racers were out in Joliet, Illinois for the final race of the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs regular season. For several drivers in the midst of the points battle for the Chase clinching 8th position, there was an added level of anxiety mounting before the drop of the green flag. After the shocking pre-race announcement that Sam Maxwell would step aside from Chase competition due to a conflict of interest, the Chase bubble seat got red hot with Tom Giannini and Kevin Mingus chasing Michael Atkins and Jonathan Holstein for the final two spots in the Chase.

2017-09-12 22-21-35_0
The race could not have started better for Atkins as the driver of the #44 put his Jim Foose Motorsports Chevrolet on the pole for the afternoon’s race. Jordan Ashelin would flank Atkins to the outside of row one followed by Mitch Brown, Devin Serra and Jake Douglas.
The race would prove to be a competitive one as 6 drivers would pace the field for at least one lap.

2017-09-12 22-17-23_0

Trouble would find three of the four bubble position competitors as Michael Atkins and Jonathan Holstein were both involved in wrecks throughout the event. Tom Giannini would be caught a lap down during a strategy move to short pit. Giannini would finish 12th, Mingus 13th, Atkins 17th and Holstein finished 26th. Combine Holstein and Atkins’ lead over Giannini and Mingus with Giannini and Mingus’ sub-par finish, the race for the final two transfer positions went to Holstein and Atkins.

2017-09-12 22-14-03_0
The real story on the night would prove to be the epic race for the lead in the closing laps. Jake Douglas and Dominic Lee would have fans on their feet as they traded the lead (and some paint) in the closing laps. Douglas would come out on top with his first win of the 2017 season. Douglas, who is not in the Chase field, would play the role of party crasher as he celebrated in Sunoco Victory Lane.
We caught up with Douglas in Victory Lane:

2017-09-12 22-25-24_0
“Man, what a great truck. Obviously I learned a lot from last night in the Cup series race which led me to find a good line for sure. Great race guys!”
Finishing second to Douglas was Devin Serra, followed in third by Dominc Lee, 4th went to Jordan Ashelin and Allan Young rounded out the top 5.

2017-09-12 22-21-09_0

Without further adieu, here is your 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Chase field:
Brad Cross: 2 wins, 3 top 5, 6 top 10
Michael Atkins Jr: 1 win, 4 top 5, 6 top 10
Mitch Brown: 1 win, 5 top 5, 8 top 10
Jason Stewart: 1 win, 3 top 5, 8 top 10
Jim Foose: 3 top 5, 8 top 10
Devin Serra: 7 top 5, 9 top 10
Allan Young: 8 top 5, 9 top 10

2017-09-12 22-25-47_0
We at ASRS would like to congratulate our field of 8 drivers as they duke it out for the Sam Maxwell Customs trophy. We will see the boys in action next week in New Hampshire. Tune into OCTV on Youtube to catch all the action!

Kohan Takes Win in Canada

2017-08-29 22-12-45_0

The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series hit the road course of  Canadian Tire Motorsports Park for Race #17 of the 2017 season. With just two races left coming into the night it would be a wild card for drivers as they try to lock up a playoff spot. 32 drivers would make the trip to do some road racing. In qualifying it was Nick Kohan grabbing the pole with Dominic Lee 2nd, Tom Giannini 3rd, Sam Maxwell 4th, and Zack Calloway would round out the top 5.

2017-08-29 22-21-11_0

This race was a bit different than a normal oval race. There would only be one yellow flag and that was at the half way point as a competition yellow was thrown to bunch the field up. Prior to the lap 17 yellow flag it seen Devin Serra drive from his 7th place starting spot to take the lead and dominate the first half of the race. However under the yellow he would blow his motor downshifting for the yellow ending his race early. This opened the door for many other drivers. Off the only restart there was a pile up as someone spun the tires and this caused a chain reaction wreck.

2017-08-29 22-16-19_0

The last half of the race was dominated by Nicholas Kohan as he would cruise to yet another ASRS Victory. The top 5 saw Sam Maxwell finish 2nd, Allan Young drove from 18th starting spot to finish 3rd, Jeremy Banning drove from 23rd to finish 4th, and Alex Giese went from his 20th starting spot to round out the top 5.

2017-08-29 22-14-15_0

With just 1 race remaining before the 2017 SMC Truck Series Playoffs kick off it seen the points change yet again. Sam Maxwell still sits atop the standings and is your Point Leader, Allan Young 2nd, Jason Stewart moves to 3rd, Brad Cross falls to 4th, Mitchell Brown moves to 5th, while Devin Serra falls to 6th, Jim Foose 7th, and Jonathan Holstein who came in tied with Michael Atkins Jr. for the final playoff spot now sits 8th. On the outside looking in with just 1 race remaining are Michael Atkins Jr. 9th just 6 points out of the playoff spot, Jared Mogard sits 10th and he is 12 points out of the playoffs, and lastly Tom Giannin sits 28 points out in 11th.

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Next week ASRS is off as it is iRacing’s “Week 13” which as always sees NO racing action at ASRS. The SMC Truck Series is back in action in two weeks September 12th at the Chicagoland Speedway for the final race before the Playoffs start. Be sure to tune into Off Camber TV to see who does and who doesn’t make the 2017 SMC Truck Series Playoffs!!!