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Mahan Scores Daytona Victory

Diablo Media – (Daytona Beach, FL) Superspeedway packages were in full effect for Tuesday’s Sam Maxwell Customs Cup Daytona 200 as the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series returned to action. Drivers and teams prepared their vehicles for the 80-lap event, expecting close quarters racing with limited room for error.

2018-02-06 22-59-10_0

Of the 55 drivers attempting to qualify, Brandon Wilkinson (06) would post a lap time of 47.777s to secure the pole position in his first start of the season. Drew Carroll (85) would line-up on the outside of the front row, edged for the top spot by 0.005s; it would be Carroll’s 4th race starting from the 2nd position.

2018-02-06 22-54-40_0

With a push from Brian Yaczik (55), Wilkinson would lead the field into Turn 1. Both drivers would harness the speed of the inside line, with Yaczik changing lanes to capitalize on the momentum building from the outside line’s Drew Carroll. It would be enough for Yaczik to lead the first lap, but Wilkinson would fight back to take the top spot for the majority of the next 10 laps.

By Lap 12, the tandem of Yaczik and Carroll were able to power ahead of Wilkinson and move their partnership to the lower lane. Yaczik would continue to lead as the number of cars using the outside line lessened, opting for grip near the yellow line.

2018-02-06 22-52-40_0

A multi-car accident would erupt on Lap 15, as the lead car of Yaczik would make a sharp turn to the backstretch wall off of the bumper of Carroll and trigger ‘The Big One.’ Among the many cars involved was series points leader Jeff Ward (90), who would suffer heavy damage and ultimately retire from the event early.

2018-02-06 22-53-43_0

Following pit stops, Carroll would remain in the lead, holding the top position as the green flag waved. With grip falling off, many of the drivers seemed to have a more immediate need to blend into the lower lane. In the shuffle, Zac Calloway (2) would come down on David Howard Jr (14), triggering another multi-car wreck.

2018-02-06 23-00-15_0

On the next restart, 6th-place Steve Ritter (16) would miss a shift, causing following cars to stack up. Despite damages incurred to some teams, the race would remain green. Michael Chrobok (72) would procure the lead with help in Drew Carroll while Tim Knott (41) and Woody Mahan (40) mounted a charge from the outside lane. Knott and Mahan would be unable to overtake Chrobok, falling back in line soon after.

2018-02-06 22-49-56_0

Caution would fly again on Lap 37 as Allan Young (24) would take a ride through the backstretch grass after a bump-draft incident with Edward Bray (66). The break in action would benefit drivers that had lost the lead pack in the previous incident and allowed teams limited time to fix damaged sheet metal.

2018-02-06 22-45-06_0

Steve Ritter would inherit the lead for the next green run, holding strong in the top position until Lap 50 when Chrobok would return to P1. Chrobok would come under immediate pressure from Mitch Brown (81) and the outside lane, but would maintain the lead as Brown would end up falling into line.

2018-02-06 22-41-34_0

At 20 laps to go, caution would fall on the speedway again with John Kennedy (89) hooking the bumper of Jay Graves Jr (8) on the backstretch and turning him into the wall.

Mitch Brown would lead the brigade off of pit road and find himself battling Woody Mahan for the lead within a handful of laps. Mahan would utilize help from Drew Carroll to get around Brown on the outside line and take the lead.

With 13 laps to go, Anddy Veltman (97) would trigger the final caution flag, turned into the outside wall by Ty Hester (36). Drivers would elect to remain on the track, Mahan remaining in the lead.

2018-02-06 22-57-45_0

Woody Mahan would get the jump on the restart, with Drew Carroll slow getting to the throttle in the outside line. Michael Chrobok would give Carroll a bump, allowing him to keep pace and fall in behind Mahan. The lead pack remained single file until 4 to go when Chrobok would mount a charge from the outside line. Chrobok’s attempt would quickly dismantle, as his drafting help would duck back into the inside line.

2018-02-06 22-40-18_0

Drew Carroll would peek to the outside coming to the checkered flag, but overall Mahan would remain unchallenged in the final run, collecting the race win and tallying 16 laps lead. Carroll would finish 2nd, with a total of 7 laps led. Mitch Brown would lead 4 and finish in 3rd. The race polesitter Brandon Wilkinson would score a 9th place finish after holding the top spot on 8 laps. Steve Ritter, Michael Chrobok, and Brian Yaczik would also receive bonus points for leading laps.

2018-02-06 22-50-50_0

Following the shake-up from Daytona, Drew Carroll jumps 5 positions to gain the points lead with Jeff Ward falling to 2nd, just 3 points behind. Jared Mogard (01) makes the jump to 3rd place, another 2 points back. Anddy Veltman makes the biggest gain of the week, up 25 spots in his first start of the season, while Jarred Haggerty (6) falls 7 spots for the largest position loss.

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Next week begins a 4-week hiatus for the TRRPCS as the ASRS Sam Maxwell truck series will take center stage Tuesday to begin their 2018 series. Cup series cars will return March 13th for the Auto Club 200 at Auto Club Speedway in California. Race coverage will be provided by series partner Prime Time Racing TV.

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Ward Takes Second Cup Victory of 2018 at Chicagoland

2018-01-30 22-37-34_0

Anddy Diablo (JOLIET, IL) With Jeff Ward (90) at the helm of the series point standings, drivers of the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series ventured to the Midwest for Tuesday’s Fanatec Chicagoland 200. The scheduled race length for the 36-car field was 134 laps planned around the 1.5-mile tri-oval. Characterized by multiple grooves on a rough surface, league directors looked forward to delivering hard racing for fans of the top ASRS series.

From the initial entry list of 48, 18 drivers would advance from the Open Qualifier to fill the 36-car field. Jeff Ward would clinch the pole in main event qualifying for the third consecutive week, clocking a time of 30.199s. Scott Eckrich (88) would record a close 30.122s to roll off the grid in 2nd.

2018-01-30 22-54-50_0

On green, Ward would get a great start, with Eckrich and Drew Carroll (85) giving chase. Within a couple of laps, the field would settle into single file with a few pop-up side-by-side battles shaping up through the field.

2018-01-30 22-51-51_0

The first caution would fly early as Alex Giese would lose control of his vehicle while transitioning across the front stretch apron on lap 5, sliding up into Brad Cross in Turn 1 and triggering a multi-car accident. Troy Haydt (28) would take advantage of the situation, gaining the lead as Ward and company had ducked onto pit road.

2018-01-30 22-49-35_0

Haydt would restart strong, opening a gap into Turn 1. His surge would not last, however, as Ward would return to pass Haydt in the tri-oval by the next pass of the starter stand.

2018-01-30 22-45-13_0

Once ahead, Ward began to open up the distance from Haydt. Drew Carroll and Evan Black (99) would pressure Haydt for 2nd, leading a multitude of side-by-side battles. Scott Eckrich would make contact with Black, with both drivers checking up and forcing the lead group to fall back into single-file. That would allow Carroll and Eckrich the space they needed to make their way past Haydt and give chase to the leader Ward.

2018-01-30 22-48-12_0

As laps tallied, Eckrich would earn his way past Carroll just before a debris caution on Lap 19 would regroup the field. Most of the lead lap cars would decide to pit again. Positions would remain the same.

2018-01-30 22-41-51_0

Back to racing, Ward would continue his dominance, pulling away from 2nd-place Eckrich on the start. With continued green conditions, the field would begin to spread out. Attributing tire wear over the long run, drivers started seeking higher lines on the track as they searched for grip through the corners.

2018-01-30 22-47-37_0

Lap 58, the 2nd place car of Eckrich would lose control entering the tri-oval, picking up damage. He was able to get reoriented quickly, allowing him to remain on the track as the lead lap cars pitted and earn a bonus point for leading.

2018-01-30 22-44-01_0

With pit stops complete, Ward would again find the top spot on the next restart. Hard racing mid-pack would see a couple of cars catch the wall off of Turn 4, with the John Kennedy (89) machine skewing through the front stretch lawn. Kennedy would regain control, avoiding the need for a full course caution.

2018-01-30 22-47-26_0

Racing would continue green with Jeff Ward on-point. Short of enough fuel to complete the race, drivers would begin to pit with about 40 laps remaining. Leader Ward would duck onto pit road at lap 100, with Eckrich again picking up the top spot in the process. Eventually, Ward would cycle back to 1st once all teams had cycled through pit road.

2018-01-30 22-39-46_0

In the end, it would be Jeff Ward scoring the win in a dominating performance with 128 laps led. Brian Yaczik would hold on for 2nd after starting 32nd. Drew Carroll would round out the podium finishers in 3rd. Notably, Scott Eckrich and Troy Haydt would score additional bonus points for leading laps in the event.

2018-01-30 22-48-46_0

Following the race, Jeff Ward and Brian Yaczik would hold the 1st and 2nd positions in points, respectively, separated by 15 points. Scott Eckrich would gain a position, moving up to 3rd just 21 points off of the lead. The biggest gain of the week belonged to Nicholas Kerling (62), jumping 18 spots in first start of the season. Adversely, Ryan Kuhn (65) would fall 8 spots after missing the event.

2018-01-30 22-57-02_0

Next week, the TRRPCS will make camp on the east coast for the Sam Maxwell Customs Cup Daytona 200. Restrictor plates will be in effect and fans should expect hard, close racing on the high-banked superspeedway. Live coverage for the event will be carried by series partner Prime Time Racing TV.

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Mogard Conquers The Monster Mile

2018-01-23 22-40-22_0

Written by: Anddy Veltman

(DOVER, DE) Returning to the East Coast, the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series would arrive on the Delmarva Peninsula for Race Week 3 of 2018. The 125 presented by Alpha Tango Racing would serve to test teams on a track nicknamed ‘The Monster Mile.’

2018-01-23 23-01-40_0

In what has become a growing tradition, fans would arrive early to watch the Open Qualifier Round. Utilized to lower the 52 race entries to the field maximum, this week’s rules would allow 17 drivers to transfer through to main event qualifying. In a repeat of the previous week, Jeff Ward (90) would claim the pole with a 22.663s lap time. At 22.731s, Drew Carroll (85) would start alongside for the second consecutive week.

2018-01-23 22-50-48_0

Out of the gate, Ward would lead the first 6 laps before an early caution by way of John Kennedy (89) and Jamie Moore (82) coming together off of Turn 2. Most drivers would use the opportunity to pit, however, Nicholas Kohan (57) would elect to stay out.

2018-01-23 22-58-22_0

With minimal laps on his tires, Kohan would restart from the lead with Jason Stewart (11) to his outside. As Kohan restarted the race, Stewart would spin his tires. A heavy stack-up would keep the field from completing a green flag lap and once again reset the rows.

2018-01-23 22-58-03_0

Jeff Ward would pull up to challenge Kohan for the following restart attempt. While Kohan’s Toyota would pull away initially, Ward would eventually power past Kohan, bringing the Scott Eckrich (88) vehicle with him.

2018-01-23 22-56-40_0

Caution would fly on lap 27 as Woody Mahan (40) would collect Mark Emerson (22) in a hard impact wreck after getting loose on the exit of Turn 2. All of the lead cars would pit, but it would be Drew Carroll emerging in the lead.

2018-01-23 22-57-31_0

Shown the green once again, Carroll would pull away, with Kohan and Ward giving chase briefly, however, a quick interruption for contact between Steve Ritter (16) and Scott Haller (5) would tighten the lead cars up. Refraining to pit, positions would remain the same.

2018-01-23 22-53-00_0

Once again, Carroll would get to the pedal first, but would be unable to completely open the gap to 2nd place Kohan. Yellow would fly once again as Kohan would make contact with the rear bumper of Drew Carroll, turning both vehicles around with excessive damage while headed into Turn 1.

2018-01-23 22-59-59_0

Jeff Ward would return to the lead after pitting, followed by Ryan Haartz (59). Restarting on Lap 44, Ward would get a great restart, bringing Eckrich up to 2nd as Haartz would settle into 3rd. 6 laps later, Eckrich would make his way around Ward. With the faster vehicle, Eckrich would begin to build on his lead.

2018-01-23 22-49-48_0

Another caution flag on Lap 57 for Steve Buhala (43) and Jay Graves Jr (8) getting together would bring the leaders back down pit road. This time it would be Haartz gaining the advantage. Ward and Jared Mogard (00) would follow suit while Eckrich would drop a few spots to 4th.

2018-01-23 22-46-03_0

Lap 62, Haartz would restart to the lead. Behind, Eckrich would make his way around Mogard and then Ward to begin working on the gap to Haartz. Ward would begin to fall back slightly, as Mogard would begin to peek at his rear bumper, but only before Ian Hayes (56) and Mark Emerson would wreck on Lap 76, bringing out the yellow flag.

Once again from the pits, Haartz would leave in first, followed by Eckrich and Brian Yaczik (55). Eckrich would stay close to Haartz on the restart while Mogard would make his way around Yaczik into the 3rd position. Haartz would stretch his lead to over 1 second. Forced to apply pressure, Eckrich would tangle with the lapped vehicle of Scott Haller to trigger a yellow with just 8 laps to go.

2018-01-23 22-39-59_0

With minimal laps ahead, leader Ryan Haartz elected to pit while Mogard and Eckrich would stay on the track with a handful of other drivers. The final restart attempt would see wheel spin from the Scott Eckrich and Devin Serra (20) cars, stacking the field in the outside race line and triggering the big one as Haartz would try to get to the inside of Serra and make contact. The race would finish under yellow.

2018-01-23 23-02-12_0

Race results would finalize once cars took the yellow and checkered flags. Jared Mogard would score the victory, leading 7 laps. Jeff Ward would hold on for the runner-up position with 28 laps led, while the Scott Eckrich machine crossed the line third after leading for 9 laps.  Jim Foose finished fourth while Ryan Haartz, who led a race-high 60 laps, would end up 5th. Drew Carroll and Nicholas Kohan would also be credited for leading laps.

2018-01-23 22-49-48_0

With Dover complete, Jeff Ward has taken the points lead from Nicholas Kohan, now holding an 18-point cushion over 2nd place Brian Yaczik. Kohan would fall to 3rd by way of his 24th place finish. Race winner Jared Mogard jumped 3 spots to 5th. Notably, David Howard Jr (14) would make the largest gain of the week; up 24 spots to 35th in his season debut. Technical issues would prevent Ty Hester (36) from attempting the race, giving him a loss of 11 positions to 25th for the largest drop in points.

2018-01-23 22-54-52_0

This coming Tuesday, the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series tour will head to Illinois for the Fanatec Chicagoland 200. Coverage of the 134-lap main event will be provided by league partner Prime Time Racing TV.
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Ward Takes Wild One at Kentucky

2018-01-16 22-37-20_0

By Anddy Veltman

SPARTA, KY Tuesday night racing returned for Week 2 of the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series for the Kentucky Bluegrass 180 presented by Tim Knott. At 1.5 miles, the race distance would equate to 120 laps around the south-eastern tri-oval known as Kentucky Speedway.

2018-01-16 23-56-44_0

Qualifying for the event would take place in 2 stages; 16 drivers advancing from an open qualifier round would join 20 locked-in teams (pre-determined by points and participation) to vie for the top spot. Of the 57 drivers attempting to qualify, Jeff Ward (90) recorded the fastest lap time at 30.767s, earning the pole award, with Drew Carroll (85) coming in at 30.783s to start on the outside of the Ward’s Chevrolet.

2018-01-16 22-40-54_0

At the wave of the green flag, Ward would jump out to an early lead. Despite the advantage of fresh air on the nose of his car, Ward would succumb to a fast Nicholas Kohan (57) on lap 22. Passing Ward, Kohan would take the lead and drive away from the field.

2018-01-16 22-44-53_0

By lap 40, many of the lead cars would begin to make green flag pit stops. Kohan would pit at lap 41, relinquishing the lead. Jarred Haggerty (6) and Tom Giannini (44) would both pick up points for leading laps through the cycling stops.

2018-01-16 23-53-35_0

While the majority of cars received their service, Allan Young (24) would remain on the track, leading 10 laps before Kohan would pass him to regain the lead on lap 53. Kohan would further his lead and earn an additional bonus point for leading at the halfway point of the event.

2018-01-16 23-55-53_0

The first caution of the evening fell on lap 71, as Mark Emerson (22) would bounce off the John Kennedy (89) machine after getting loose, collecting Steve Ritter (16) in the process. All of the main players would pit, with Kohan remaining in first position after receiving fuel and tires.

2018-01-16 23-52-21_0

Kohan would get a good jump on the following restart, but Jeff Ward would quickly close the gap to Kohan’s Toyota. Utilizing the strength of his short run speed, Ward was able to pass Kohan for the lead on lap 80 and maintain the position despite pressure from the 57.

2018-01-16 23-57-59_0

Caution would once again bring the field together on lap 101 as Alex Giese (77) slammed the wall in turn 1 after getting loose in the tri-oval. Leaders’ pit stops would keep Ward in the top position, with Kohan in position to battle for the lead. A quick restart with 14 laps to go met with immediate caution would delay Kohan’s opportunity.

2018-01-16 22-40-24_0

Ward would again lead the field to green, now with 9 laps remaining. Immediate pressure would come from Kohan, with Drew Carroll and Ryan Kuhn (65) now working into the picture. Kohan would remain in the second spot as a caution flag for a multi-car accident, stemming from drivers avoiding Tom Giannini bouncing off of the backstretch wall, set the field up for a Green-White-Checkered restart.

2018-01-16 23-53-35_0

Kohan would give a final charge with 2 laps to go, but it would be Jeff Ward, restarting flawlessly and solidifying victory, as the final caution would fall to end the race. Ward would tally 62 laps lead in the event. Nicholas Kohan, finishing 2nd, lead 46 laps. Ryan Kuhn would hang on to the 3rd position.

With 2 races down, Nicholas Kohan remains on top of the points standings. Jeff Ward trails by 3 points. 9 points further back is Drew Carroll in 3rd. Jarred Haggerty makes the largest gain with 35 spots in his first start of the season after finishing 9th. Adversely, Mark Emerson, Edward Bray (66) and Danny Rodgers (02) tie for the biggest drop with a loss of 12 positions each.

2018-01-16 22-46-52_0

Next week, the Twitchy Race Reports ASRS Premier Cup Series tour will travel to The Monster Mile in Dover, Delaware for the 125 presented by Alpha Tango Racing. Race coverage will be provided by league partner Prime Time Racing TV.

2018-01-16 22-46-18_0

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Kohan Takes #Back2Cup Return at Richmond

2018-01-09 22-46-00_0

Written by Anddy Diablo

Richmond, VA. Tuesday night lights kicked off the 2018 season for the Twitchy Race Reports Premier Cup Series as drivers took to the .75 mile Richmond Raceway for the #Back2Cup 200. With the increased race length and fuel cell sizing for the 2018 seasons, drivers would be tested on their ability to adapt and survive within the allotted 200 laps.

2018-01-09 22-56-27_0

Open qualifying was held for the #Back2Cup 200, with 21 racers earning the right to grid among the roster of 15 locked-in drivers (based on the 2017 Xfinity Series point and participation standings). Scott Eckrich (88) secured the top starting spot with a lap time of 20.676s.2018-01-09 22-53-22_0

Using the top-starter advantage, Eckrich pulled away at the wave of the green flag. He would lead unchallenged until lap 20 as the first caution would fly for a solo car spin involving Lee Stapes (64) losing traction off turn 2.

2018-01-09 22-49-57_0

Brian Yaczik (55) would benefit from the break in action. Using pit strategy to gain the lead for the following restart he would hold the top spot through lap 44. Alex Giese (77) would then trigger the next caution, washing up in front of Zack Calloway (2), ensuing contact and a spin with multiple victims. Yaczik would lose the lead to Eckrich in the pits and be subject to the pressures of Nick Kohan (57) for the next 40 laps of racing.

2018-01-09 22-43-23_0

Kohan would get his first break under caution resulting from Edward Bray (66) and Scott Smith (21) getting together, leaving pit road as the race leader. Eckrich would challenge Kohan, pressuring heavily until the caution flew once again at lap 106. On pit road, Eckrich would take the lead back from the 57, but ultimately marred his chances for victory with a speeding penalty issued by the race officials.

2018-01-09 22-57-06_0

With less than 90 laps remaining, Kohan would lead without challenge until caution on lap 159 would again reset the field. Once green, Jeff Ward (90) was able to work around Yaczik for 2nd and set his sights on Kohan with 20 to go.

2018-01-09 22-55-50_0

Danny Rodgers (02) would spin on lap 184 to trigger the final caution, in which Kohan would line up 2nd next to Jim Foose (42), who elected to stay out during the final yellow, with just over 10 laps to go. At the drop of the green, he would clear Foose. Jeff Ward would follow, making multiple attempts to pass Kohan’s Toyota.

2018-01-09 22-48-30_0

At the end of the night, it was Nick Kohan leading 106 laps and crossing the finish line first. Jeff Ward (90) would finish second after starting 36th, followed by Drew Carroll (85). Notably, Brian Yaczik took 4th with 24 laps led and pole-sitter Scott Eckrich would finish 11th after leading 66 laps and rebounding from a pit road speeding penalty. In all, 22 drivers finished on the lead lap.

2018-01-09 22-51-53_0

Leaving Virginia, the point standings match the finishing order, with Nick Kohan on top of the standings by 7 points over Ward. Aside from Yaczik and Eckrich, Foose would also receive a bonus point for leading 4 laps.

Next week, the ASRS Twitchy Race Reports Premier Cup Series will swing into Kentucky for the Kentucky 180 presented by Tim Knott. Race time is 21:05 EST and will be broadcast by series’ affiliate Prime Time Racing TV.
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Twitchy Race Reports Brings ASRS #Back2Cup in 2018!

2017-11-28 22-27-42_0

Twitchy Race Reports Bringing ASRS #Back2Cup The American Sim Racing Series drivers are back home resting up after the holidays and preparing for what is about to come. What is coming is a very exciting time for ASRS. The series is back to featuring the premier Cup Series racecars and the drivers and fans could not be more excited.

2017-11-21 22-00-43_0

On tap for this season is 16 races from tracks ranging from the tiny paperclip in Martinsville to the monstrous D-shaped oval of Talladega. The races will put the drivers to the test as they will be much longer than their Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series counterparts.

2017-11-28 22-34-41_0

An added treat for the upcoming season will be the addition of broadcasting by Prime Time Racing TV. Drivers always enjoy performing well in a spotlight and there can be no bigger spotlight than a broadcasted race. Broadcasted races are always appreciated by the iRacing community and cannot happen without the dedication of the sponsors. Twitchy Race Reports, Sam Maxwell Customs and all of our sponsors will play an integral role in the upcoming season through their series sponsorship and various race sponsorships. We at ASRS are very gracious for their willingness to bring more fun and excitement to the league.

2017-11-28 22-37-37_0

ASRS President Jim Foose commented when asked about the addition of the Premier Cup Series to the ASRS stable of series: “Bringing Cup back to ASRS has been a goal of mine the last two years, it’s something I’ve felt we needed to be a destination iRacing league. With the help of Twitchy Race Reports we are making it happen.”

2017-11-21 21-54-24_0

Competition director Tom Giannini was just as enthusiastic about the upcoming season: “I’m extremely excited for this season, not only as the competition director, but as a driver as well. I feel it is going to be one of our most competitive and fun seasons to date. With how the Cup cars drive, the length of the races and the level of competition, how can you not be excited to compete for a spot in the Chase and make some noise in the playoffs?”

2017-11-28 22-38-30_0

The Playoffs will return to ASRS for the upcoming season with a 12 race regular season followed by the Round of 10. The Round of 10 consists of three races and will determine the field for the Final Championship Four at the Homestead Miami Speedway. Be sure to tune into Prime Time Racing TV and follow along with all of the action when the series takes the first green flag of 2018 at Richmond International Raceway for the #Back2Cup 200! The green flag will fly at approximately 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on January 9th!