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The ASRS Home Tracks Series encompasses all short track racing sanctioned by the American Sim Racing Series.  In previous seasons, ASRS sanctioned the Short Track Pro Series, Super Late Model Tour, Dirt Racing Series, Modified Tour Series and various other short track events.

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Beginning in 2018, all short track racing will be condensed into the “ASRS Home Tracks Series” with four different series racing quarterly schedules during the iRacing 12 week seasons.

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Each series will utilize the same point system, but each series has specific rules utilized to match it’s real world counterparts.  For example the Dirt Racing Series has closed pits under green flag racing, while the Super Late Model Tour will have a restriction placed on the number of tire changes a driver is permitted to complete during each event.

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Future plans for the Home Track Series include the addition of heat races and possibly inverted fields.

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An overall ASRS Home Tracks Series Champion will determined by earning the most championship points over the course of all four seasons.