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Kirkwood Transportation Joins ASRS as Super Late Model Tour Sponsor


(CLEVELAND, OH) Kirkwood Transportation, a name synonymous with many great sim racers has joined the American Sim Racing Series to become the title sponsor of the ASRS Kirkwood Transportation Super Late Model Tour, which will run on Wednesday evenings from March 14th-May 30th as part of the ASRS Home Tracks Series.

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The ASRS Kirkwood Transportation Super Late Model Tour is the premier short track racing series on the iRacing service featuring the asphalt super late models at the best short tracks offered by iRacing.

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The 2018 schedule kicks off at USA International Speedway  on Wednesday, March 14th.  New for 2018 is a slightly abbreviated race schedule for the Kirkwood Transportation Super Late Model Tour as races at tracks over one-half miles will be shortened to 75 laps.  All tracks under the half-mile length will run 100 lap races except the series return visit to Irwindale Speedway which will run 75 laps.

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“Todd (Kirkwood) is a big supporter of sim racing and has alot of money invested in many leagues and drivers, I am proud to be associated with him and Kirkwood Transportation for the 2018 season” stated ASRS President Jim Foose.  “This is going to be a strong season for us and for short track sim racing in general with our continued commitment in our short track program through the ASRS Home Tracks Series and the investment from Kirkwood Transportation”.

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Registration is ongoing  for the ASRS Kirkwood Transportation Super Late Model Tour at


Modeled after the premier super late model series, the ASRS Kirkwood Transportation Super Late Model Tour runs events similar to America’s greatest short track series such as the CRA Super Series and the Pro All Star Series North & South Tours.  The focus of the series is the short tracks that many superstars of the sport cut their teeth on.

Kennedy & Kilanwoski take Home Tracks Wins

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(BRASELTON, GA) Lanier National Speedway was the place to be for the Cars and Stars of the ASRS Home Tracks Series as the Killer FocusModifieds and Driven Designz Sprint Cars would take to the track for race #5 of their 7-race mini-series. The evening seen 13 Mods and 13 Sprint Cars make the trip to do battle.

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As for the Killer Focus Modifieds the theme would continue as the Maxxed Out Motorsports team continued their total domination in the class. Leading qualifying it was John Kennedy grabbing the pole. Behind Kennedy it was Steve Ritter 2nd, Nick Coffman 3rd, Brad Cross 4th, and Todd LaBoube rounded out the top 5. The race would go flag to flag no cautions with John Kennedy leading all 40 laps cruising to his 5th career ASRS Victory and first of the 2018 HomeTracks Series. Following Kennedy was fellow teammates Brad Cross 2nd, and Nick Coffman 3rd, with Steve Ritter breaking up the Maxxed Out run finishing 4th, and Todd LaBoube rounded out the top 5.

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As for the point standings Brad Cross increased his point lead over teammate Jared Mogard who sits 2nd in the standings, Steve Ritter is 1 point behind Mogard 3rd in the standings, with John Kennedy jumping up 4 spots to sit 4th in the standings with his win tonight and rounding out the top 5 in the standings is Todd LaBoube in 5th.

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Next up would be the Driven Designz Sprint Cars for their 30-lap main event to cap off the evening. As mentioned 13 Sprints made the call tonight and following qualifying it was DJ Kilanowski grabbing the pole. Following him it was Brad Cross 2nd, Jason Stewart 3rd, Todd LaBoube 4th, and Steve Ritter rounded out the top 5.

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The race only had 2 quick yellow periods and when the checkers flew it was DJ Kilanowski leading all 30 laps of the event enroute to his 3rd career ASRS Victory. DJ has enjoyed some very early and consistent success with ASRS in his short time with the league all coming on the Dirt. Following DJ was Brad Cross 2nd, Jason Stewart 3rd, Brandon Boyd went from his 10th starting spot to finish 4th, and Steve Ritter would round out the top 5. As for the point standings things get a bit more interesting with just 2 races left as John Kennedy maintains the point lead. However, it’s a small point lead with DJ Kilanowski sitting 2nd in the standings just 3 points out of the lead following this win, 3rd in the points is Jason Stewart who moved up 3 spots, Jim Foose sits 4th in points, and Jared Mogard rounds out the top 5 in the standings.

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Next week the Home Tracks Series is OFF due to Valentine’s Day. But be sure to stay in touch next Wednesday February 21st as the Home Tracks Series is back in action from the Knoxville Raceway. Will the Maxxed Out domination in the Killer Focus Modifieds continue? Can they win the entire mini-series as a team? For the Driven Designz Sprint Cars, can Kennedy hang on to the point lead or will Dirt ringer DJ Kilanowski steal the point title? These questions and more to be answered in 2 weeks!!!!!

Cross & Mogard Take Eldora Home Tracks Wins

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(NEW WESTON, OH) The Maxxed Out Motorsports domination of Wednesday night’s Home Track Series continued with a visit to Ohio’s Eldora Speedway!

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First on the track was the newly sponsored Killer Focus Modified Series.  Kris Titus won the pole and took the early lead but relinquished it after just six laps when Brad Cross took the lead and never looked back.  Cross held off Titus, who finished 2nd, Steve Ritter was third with Jared Mogard and Nick Coffman rounding out the top five.

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As the sun set and the lights came on, the Driven Designz 410 Sprint Cars hit the high banks of Eldora.  Jared Mogard won the pole and jumped to an early lead over Brad Cross, who started third.  Mogard held on to lead all 30 laps with Cross finishing second, David Kilanowski, Jr third, Kris Titus fourth and Todd Laboube fifth.

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Brad Cross leads the Killer Focus Modifieds by 15 points over Mogard.

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The Driven Designz Sprint Car Championship Standings have John Kennedy leading by 10 points over Laboube and Kilanowski in a tie for second.

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Next up for the Home Tracks Series both the Killer Focus Modifieds and Driven Designz 410 Sprint Cars head to Lanier National Speedway.

Mogard and Boyd Win Week 3 of Home Tracks Series

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(MECHANICSBURG, PA) A week ago, dirt slingers of the American Sim Racing Series invaded the wide open spaces of the Knoxville Raceway. Week 3 would see the Series come to the tight quarters of the Williams Grove Speedway located in aptly named Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. Tight corners and high powered racecars make for a spectacle and fans were treated to a one-of-a-kind show tonight. The night included domination, heartbreak, and even a mid-race 360.

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Race one saw the UMP Modifieds take to the track. Dirt specialist David Kilanowski Jr. won the pole for the event followed by Jared Mogard, Kris Titus, John Kennedy and Jim Foose. Kilanowski, who looked very fast in practice, would not get to lead a lap from the pole as Jared Mogard passed him on lap 1.

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Mogard, who had just won the ASRS Premier Cup Series race at Dover the day before, showed his ability to drive anything with wheels when we went on to lead every lap on route to his UMP victory. Brad Cross, Kris Titus, David Kilanowski Jr and Steve Ritter rounded out the top 5.

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Race two will go down in ASRS lore as one of the most action packed events in league history. David Kilanowski would once again grace the front row as the driver of the #106 was able to celebrate sweeping the night’s qualifying sessions. Jason Stewart, Brad Cross, Brandon Boyd and Jay Graves Jr would fill the top 5 of the lineup for the Winged 410 Sprint Car race.

Kilanowski would not relinquish the lead on the first lap in this one. In fact, the #106 would pace all but two laps from the pole. Then heartbreak! The laps he did not lead turned out to be the most important ones. Coming to take the white flag, Kilanowski would brush the wall.

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The contact would launch his car into a barrel roll with his car coming to rest on the bottom of the race track. Race officials deemed the racing surface was clear enough to finish the event and Brandon Boyd, who had been stalking Kilanowski, would go on to win the event in thrilling fashion. John Kennedy finished second with Kris Titus finishing third. The most interesting top 5 finisher in this one would be the #00 of Mogard.

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After winning the UMP race earlier, the driver would spin out at about the halfway point. This was no ordinary spin, Mogard pulled a complete 360 and continued racing, only relinquishing about 5 positions! Jason Stewart would finish 5th in a much more calm fashion. The ASRS Home Tracks Series will head out to Eldora next week for another double header. After this one, drivers and fans sure are excited!

Mogard & Kilanowski Take Knoxville Wins

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(KNOXVILLE, IA) The second event of the 2018 ASRS Home Tracks Series saw the Dirt Racing Series hit the Knoxville Raceway for the first time in ASRS history.  With the Modifieds and Driven Designz Sprint Cars on track the night was sure to see some excitement.  Both races featured 19 drivers going to battle at the Knoxville Raceway.

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The Modifieds hit the track as the sun was beginning to set in ths sky and it was all about Jared Mogard.  Mogard started on pole and led all 40 laps to pick up the victory in one of the most entertaining races we’ve seen on dirt.

While there weren’t any lead changes the battle for the top spot saw things get three, four and at one time five cars stormed into turn 1 all door to door trying to take the win.  Following Mogard across the finish line was Brad Cross in second, Jeff Ward third, Tim Knott and Kris Titus rounded out the top five.

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Next up was the Driven Designz Sprint Car Series, which saw a heavily used track for the drop of the green flag.  The track turned slick by the time the race got underway and it was David Kilanowski leading all 30 laps, Jeff Ward ran the entire race in second and finished there.  John Kennedy was third followed by Todd Laboube and Kris Titus who came from 19th to finish 5th.  The win was Kilanowski’s first ASRS win.

Next up for the Home Tracks Series is a trip to the Pennsylvania mountains and Williams Grove Speedway.  Both the Driven Designz Sprint Cars and Modifieds will be ready to duel on the dirt.

Cross & Ward Take Home Track Wins

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(DE LEON SPRINGS, FL) The debut of the newly christened ASRS Home Tracks Series, a culmination of all short track racing at ASRS, came to the dirt track in Volusia County, FL.

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The Modifieds were up first and it was Brad Cross schooling the field of 19 drivers.  Brad Cross led the field to the green flag with Jared Mogard along side, but things didnt stay that way for long.  Mogard had trouble on the start and caused a stack up creating a quick caution.  Six cautions slowed the pace of the 40 lap race, Cross would come out the winner with John Kennedy second followed by Chad Chambers, Steve Ritter and Jeff Ward rounding out the top five.

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The Driven Designz Sprint Car Series was up next, featuring the 410 winged Sprint Cars.  Brad Cross again paced the field, but retired from the event after 11 laps and a trip outside of the raceway.  Jeff Ward inherited the lead and never looked back for the final 29 laps.  Ward, a standout driver in the upper series of ASRS in 2014 and 2015 returned to action this season and has made his presence known.  Jed Barton was second followed by Steve Rutter, Tim Knott and John Kennedy rounded out the top five.

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The championship standings look much like the race results in both series, however a new challenge this year is that all Home Tracks Series events count for points for an overall Home Tracks Series Champion.

Next up for the Home Tracks Series; the inaugural trip to the famed Knoxville Raceway.  Both the Modifieds and Driven Designz Sprint Car Series will be on track on January 17th.