Pearce Breaks Through, Wins Lanier

2017-09-27 21-47-09_0

Written by: Tom Giannini

(BRASELTON, GA) It has been awhile since we have mentioned ASRS driver Stephen Pearce. At Lanier Speedway last night, that all would change. For the most part, the season has belonged to several dominant drivers. These drivers include some ASRS all-stars such as Ty Hester, Jared Mogard and Jason Stewart. Stewart, who hasn’t shown dominating speed, has quietly put together a stellar first two races in which he was able to enter Lanier sitting atop the points standings. Rex Hoyle was only one point behind Stewart and there was a three-way tie for 3rd with Michael Atkins, Ty Hester and Collin Penn all sitting 4 points off the leader.

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Travis Wright raised some eyebrows when he was the surprise pole winner. His speed in qualifying was no fluke either as he would lead 32 laps in dominating fashion until an incident relegated Wright to a DNF. Filling the void atop the leader board after Wright’s incident would be Stephen Pearce.

2017-09-27 21-48-08_0

Pearce would go on to lead a race-high 49 lap with the other 19 laps lead going to Ty Hester. The race would be marred with many hard crashes, at times seeing cars rolling down the front stretch. Following Stephen Pearce to the finish was Ty Hester in 2nd, Danny Rodgers in 3rd, Jared Mogard in 4th and Dominic Lee rounding out the top 5. Dominc Lee has quietly been having a strong season as the driver of the #18 sits 3rd in points.

2017-09-27 21-52-02_0

Ty Hester is your new points leader followed by Jason Stewart (-2). Dominic Lee and Jim Foose are tied for 3rd just 7 points out of the lead. Rex Hoyle rounds out your top 5 with just 8 points sitting between him and Ty Hester. The series rolls into New Hampshire next week for 60 laps at the Magic Mile.

Atkins Advances With Las Vegas Win

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Twitchy Race Reports
(LAS VEGAS, NV) Race #2 of the Playoffs took place tonight at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in which 37 drivers made the trip for a shot at the 36 truck starting field. In qualifying it would be Troy Haydt start on the pole followed by Michael Atkins Jr 2nd, Dominic Lee 3rd, Mitch Brown 4th, and Michael Chrobok rounded out the top 5.

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With only two yellow flag periods for a total of only eight laps there was a lot of green flag racing with green flag pit stops also in the mix. The race saw Michael Atkins Jr lead the most laps leading 45 of them. After a cycle of green flag stops that started with roughly 23 to go it seen Michael Atkins Jr hang on and cruise to his 6th Career ASRS Victory. Not only was this a big win for Atkins but as a playoff driver he has now punched his ticket into the 2nd round of the playoffs which will start in 3 weeks. Following Atkins was Nick Kohan who has been the hottest driver in ASRS as of late finishing 2nd, Sam Maxwell went from 18th to 3rd, Tom Giannini finished 4th, and rounding out the top 5 was Tim Knott who cruised from his 20th starting position.

2017-09-26 22-10-39_0

Playoff contenders finished as follows Michael Atkins Jr won, Devin Serra 9th, Allan Young 12th, Jason Stewart 17th, Jim Foose 18th, Mitch Brown 22nd, Brad Cross 27th after being involved in a wreck, and Jonathan Holstein was a no show tonight ruining his chances at being the 2017 Champion. As for the point standings Michael Atkins goes to the top of the standings with his Win that advances him to the 2nd round. Devin Serra sits second -11 points,Allan Young in 3rd -22 points, Mitch Brown in 4th -25 points, Jason Stewart in 5th also -25 points,  Brad Cross in 6th, the final transfer position -26 points,  Jim Foose in 7th -37 points and -11 from the cut line, and Jonathan Holstein in 8th -60 points, 34 points behind the cut line.

Next week the SMC Truck Series is off as the Xfinity Series will run its elimination race which will set the final four drivers that will compete to see who will be the 2017 Xfinity Series Champion. So be sure to check out Off Camber TV in 2 WEEKS when the SMC Truck Series is back in action to see who the 6 drivers are that will advance to the 2nd round of the Playoffs to see who will go to Homestead to do battle for the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Championship.

Mogard Takes Pro-Series Checkered at South Boston

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By: Tom Giannini

(SOUTH BOSTON, VA)  It has been a week since Jonathan Mawhinney won the series opener at the Las Vegas Bullring. Fans were excited to see if he could recreate his winning magic at South Boston but were dismayed when the #71 never made the trip to the South Boston Speedway. The small track in the heart of Virginia provides tight racing in even tighter quarters. The narrow straightaways turns small wrecks into huge wrecks. That would happen several times last night.

2017-09-20 21-53-41_0

When practice ended, it was Ty Hester that had the fastest time. It was no surprise being Hester is always a threat in a Pro-Series car. Qualifying saw Michael Atkins win the pole by almost a full tenth over Zac Coyer. Scott Smith, Ty Hester and Jim Foose rounded out the top 5. It would be 3rd place starter, Ty Hester, that led the most laps on the night (53). Competition was stiff with 4 drivers all leading laps. Michael Atkins (13), Jason Stewart (30), Ty Hester (53) and Jared Mogard (4) were your lap leaders on the night.

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Jared Mogard had a rough night to start. He found himself deep in traffic several times on the night but would rebound at the right moment, sealing the win after leading only the last 4 laps. The race for the win was thrilling between Mogard and Stewart with Mogard prevailing. Second place went to Jason Stewart, third went to Ty Hester, fourth was Rex Hoyle (his second top 5 in as many races), and Scott Smith rounded out your top 5.

2017-09-20 21-48-47_0

Jason Stewart is your new points leader. His lead is a slim one; only one point separates him and second place Rex Hoyle. Michael Atkins, Ty Hester and Collin Penn are all tied for third place only 4 points behind the leader. The series rolls into Lanier Speedway next week for another 100 lap duel.

Kohan Takes New Hampshire Win

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Twitchy Race Reports

(LOUDON, NH) The Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series was in action for Race #1 of the 2017 Playoffs. 32 drivers made the trip to New Hampshire Speedway to do battle for 88 laps. The race would be a caution filled event seeing 10 caution flags for 40 laps nearly half the race. In qualifying it would be Jake Douglas sitting on the pole with Jonathan Holstein 2nd, Devin Serra 3rd, Mitchell Brown 4th, and Tom Giannini rounded out the top 5.

2017-09-19 22-51-27_0

Early in the race it sawJake Douglas drive from the pole to lead the first 30 laps of the event. However Douglas would encounter trouble as the race went on spinning out putting himself toward the back of the pack. This would open the door as Devin Serra would lead the race for 9 laps before giving way to Nicholas Kohan who would go on to lead the final 44 laps of the event.

2017-09-19 22-35-41_0

Kohan would cruise to the Win in the first playoff race meaning that it will still be the top 6 drivers in the standings going to round 2 after the 3rd race of the playoffs. This would be Kohan’s 12th Career ASRS Victory in what’s been a very dominant return to ASRS competition. The top 5 looked like this behind race winner Kohan it was Michael Chrobok who finished 2nd from his 20th starting spot, Devin Serra 3rd, Dominic Lee 4th, and Brad Cross 5th from his 12th starting spot. As for the playoff drivers they finished pretty solid for the most part. Devin Serra lead the playoff drivers finishing 3rd, Brad Cross 5th, Mitchell Brown 6th, Michael Atkins 7th, Allan Young 10th, Jason Stewart 12th, Jim Foose 19th, and Jonathan Holstein 28th.

2017-09-19 22-45-16_0

As for the point standings after Race #1 of the Playoffs and #20 of the season it’s Brad Cross atop the standings leading by 3 points over Devin Serra in 2nd, -4 points to Mitchell Brown in 3rd, -5 points to Michael Atkins Jr in 4th, -9 points to Jason Stewart in 5th, -11 points over Allan Young in 6th, -20 points over Jim Foose in 7th, and -28 points over Jonathan Holstein.

2017-09-19 22-38-39_0

Next week the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series heads to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a 73 lap event for Race #2 of the 2017 Playoffs. Be sure to tune in next week and for the remainder of the playoffs at Off Camber TV to see who is crowned the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series Champion.

Mawhinney Wins Pro-Series Opener

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By: Tom Giannini

(LAS VEGAS, NV)  With the Sam Maxwell Customs Truck Series and ASRS Xfinity Series seasons already in swing, it was time for the boys of fall to hit the short track circuit for the first ASRS Short Track Pro-Series race of the 2017 season.

One of the biggest questions going into the 125 lap event at the Bullring in Las Vegas was if Jared Mogard could defend his 2016 Championship against the likes of newcomers and short track aces. One short track ace entered in the event was Justin Blackdeer who dominated the field in the previous season of Super Late Model competition. There was a shock when Jared Mogard did not show up on the entry sheet of the season’s first event. A race behind already, it will be hard for the driver of the #01 to defend the crown but far from impossible.

2017-09-13 22-13-47_0

Turning the spotlight to the drivers in attendance, the night got off to a good start for Jonathan Mawhinney who paced practice with blistering speeds. Travis Wright, Ty Hester, Allan Young and Jim Foose all posted top 5 times throughout the half hour long practice session. That speed would transfer into qualifying as the top 3 in practice all started in the top 3 for the race. The newcomer Mawhinney claimed the pole by almost a full tenth over the rest of the field. Travis Wright lined up next to him in second. Third went to Travis Wright followed by Mat Mitchell and Rex Hoyle. The race was not short of excitement in the caution and drama departments as the race was slowed by a walloping 16 cautions.

2017-09-13 22-15-50_0

There were only three cars at the end of the event without a scratch or dent of some sort. Jonathan Mawhinney led the entire 125 laps of the event. Smooth sailing for him considering 66% of the race was run at pace speeds. Following Mawhinney to the checkered was Michael Atkins Jr who impressively came back from an earlier spin. Dominic Lee would finish 3rd but not after fireworks when he and his team mate Ty Hester were involved in an incident with only a few laps remaining. Jim Foose was a staple in the top 5 all night as he turned his 7th place start into a 4th place finish. Short track ace Rex Hoyle would finish 5th on the night.

2017-09-13 22-13-16_0

Early season favorites Justin Blackdeer and Jonathan Holstein were involved in wrecks and were relegated to DNFs. Ty Hester would rebound from his wreck to finish 11th. The series will continue on at South Boston Speedway in Virginia next Wednesday as the drivers either hope to continue their good runs or try to right the ship early.

Jake Douglas Wins Epic Duel with Dominic Lee, Chase Field Set

2017-09-12 22-09-31_0By Tom Giannini

(JOLIET, IL) The racers were out in Joliet, Illinois for the final race of the 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs regular season. For several drivers in the midst of the points battle for the Chase clinching 8th position, there was an added level of anxiety mounting before the drop of the green flag. After the shocking pre-race announcement that Sam Maxwell would step aside from Chase competition due to a conflict of interest, the Chase bubble seat got red hot with Tom Giannini and Kevin Mingus chasing Michael Atkins and Jonathan Holstein for the final two spots in the Chase.

2017-09-12 22-21-35_0
The race could not have started better for Atkins as the driver of the #44 put his Jim Foose Motorsports Chevrolet on the pole for the afternoon’s race. Jordan Ashelin would flank Atkins to the outside of row one followed by Mitch Brown, Devin Serra and Jake Douglas.
The race would prove to be a competitive one as 6 drivers would pace the field for at least one lap.

2017-09-12 22-17-23_0

Trouble would find three of the four bubble position competitors as Michael Atkins and Jonathan Holstein were both involved in wrecks throughout the event. Tom Giannini would be caught a lap down during a strategy move to short pit. Giannini would finish 12th, Mingus 13th, Atkins 17th and Holstein finished 26th. Combine Holstein and Atkins’ lead over Giannini and Mingus with Giannini and Mingus’ sub-par finish, the race for the final two transfer positions went to Holstein and Atkins.

2017-09-12 22-14-03_0
The real story on the night would prove to be the epic race for the lead in the closing laps. Jake Douglas and Dominic Lee would have fans on their feet as they traded the lead (and some paint) in the closing laps. Douglas would come out on top with his first win of the 2017 season. Douglas, who is not in the Chase field, would play the role of party crasher as he celebrated in Sunoco Victory Lane.
We caught up with Douglas in Victory Lane:

2017-09-12 22-25-24_0
“Man, what a great truck. Obviously I learned a lot from last night in the Cup series race which led me to find a good line for sure. Great race guys!”
Finishing second to Douglas was Devin Serra, followed in third by Dominc Lee, 4th went to Jordan Ashelin and Allan Young rounded out the top 5.

2017-09-12 22-21-09_0

Without further adieu, here is your 2017 Sam Maxwell Customs Chase field:
Brad Cross: 2 wins, 3 top 5, 6 top 10
Michael Atkins Jr: 1 win, 4 top 5, 6 top 10
Mitch Brown: 1 win, 5 top 5, 8 top 10
Jason Stewart: 1 win, 3 top 5, 8 top 10
Jim Foose: 3 top 5, 8 top 10
Devin Serra: 7 top 5, 9 top 10
Allan Young: 8 top 5, 9 top 10

2017-09-12 22-25-47_0
We at ASRS would like to congratulate our field of 8 drivers as they duke it out for the Sam Maxwell Customs trophy. We will see the boys in action next week in New Hampshire. Tune into OCTV on Youtube to catch all the action!

Foose Scores Dirt Win at Volusia, 2nd Win in a Week

2017-08-30 21-39-20_0

There’s an old saying around race tracks; “The fastest car doesn’t always win the race”.  For the ASRS Dirt Racing Series Super Late Model finale, that held true.

2017-08-30 21-44-27_0

Brad Cross set the fast lap in qualifying and dominated the 75 lap main event, much like he has done all season on the dirt tracks.  The problem was the fuel load was short for a 75 lap feature. Kris Titus was the first to run dry on lap 56.

2017-08-30 21-46-21_0

Cross ran out of fuel on lap 57 while leading.  He was followed to pit road by nearly the entire field.  The lead battle then became a battle between Trevor Brownlee, looking for his first ASRS win, and Jim Foose, who had flipped his car on the opening lap.  Brownlee lost the lead with seven laps to go.

2017-08-30 21-47-06_0

Foose cruised to victory, his first on dirt.  Brownlee was second, John Kennedy third, Ty Hester and Josh Walker rounded out the top five.  Despite running out of fuel, Cross took home his third dirt championship this season, completing the season sweep on dirt.

2017-08-30 21-48-11_0

Foose Takes Sportsman at Myrtle Beach

2017-08-27 22-07-42_0

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Jim Foose is the all time win’s leader at ASRS, but was winless for over a year before venturing into Myrtle Beach Speedway and the Coffman Racing Graphics Sportsman Truck Series.

2017-08-27 22-13-48_0

Jonathon Holstein led the field to the green flag with Jim Foose along side for the green flag.  Holstein would shoot to the lead with Foose on his tailgate.  Foose’s race would take an unexpected turn midway through the race when Steve Buhala made contact with Foose’s #42 and sent both drivers spinning.  Both drivers were able to continue on.

2017-08-27 22-09-39_0

The race was on as Holstein remained on the track without pitting.  The battle for the lead heated up after the 3/4 mark, with Foose closing in fast on Holstein.  The two made contact with less than 20 to go, Foose cleared Holstein to take the lead while Holstein’s #70 slammed the outside wall.

2017-08-27 22-12-39_0

Foose would fend off Jeremy Banning in the closing laps, but in the end it was Foose adding to his win total.  Banning was second, Austin Foutch finished third Josh Siddon and Steve Buhala rounded out the top five.