Another Short Track Series Looks To Be In The Works

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(CLEVELAND, OH) Take a little trip back to 2011 and you will see when ASRS made the move to iRacing it was with Legends Cars and Street Stocks, both aimed at rookie drivers and developing the drive base over the course of a few season to take on the big tracks.  Fast forward to 2016 and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While nothing is confirmed, ASRS President Jim Foose has expressed interest in filling Wednesday nights with another short track series.  Currently, the Super Late Model Tour races bi-weekly on Wednesdays beginning March 16th.

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“It really depends on how the Super Late Model Tour is out of the gate, if we have a good showing and good racing we want to expand Wednesdays to another short track series, and we expect it will take off well” said Foose.  “We’ve looked at Legends Cars, Street Stocks, the Late Model and the Modifieds as options for another short track series, but still have made no commitment it any of them”.

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Other options outside of the short track cars have been discussed and those include a rookie road racing series possibly with the Mazda Miata.  A 2013 road racing series sunk like a big rock in a deep lake, so the road racing options are most likely not coming to the track anytime soon.

When asked about the timeline for the new Wednesday night series, Foose said “Let’s give it a couple weeks after the Super Late Model opener at Lakeland, then we’ll get into serious discussions about what our members want to add, anything extra will rely heavily on those first few Super Late Model races”.

Competition Tighter, Quality of Racing Up as “New Era” ASRS Revs Up


Seven weeks ago things changed at ASRS, and many would have said that was not for the better.  But, at ASRS, the changes have been good.  Good for competition, good for the community and good for the racing quality.

After completing the Super Truck Series with a dramatic championship battle that went down to the last race, ASRS focused it’s efforts to the bigger tracks that have attracted many to ASRS for years.


Driver Cody Rose, who has been a member of ASRS on and off since 2010 said it best “We are going to see more winners this years”.   That statement could prove correct, although Robby Baskins has won the first two Camping World Truck Series races, both Jason Kristen (Super Trucks at Charlotte) and Stephen Pearce (Xfinity Series Daytona) both picked up their first career ASRS wins.

Shawn Musick joined in the praise of the reformatted ASRS by saying “This is alot of fun and we have a great group of drivers here now, the egos are gone and everyone wants to help each other out”.  Musick, who has yet to win at ASRS has been close and watched as a dominating performance at Iowa ended when he was collected in a late race crash.


Speaking of cautions, they are down.  Just two cautions flew last night at Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Camping World Truck Series race, down from six in 2015.  That race was decided by green flag pit stops as a long green flag run of nearly 40 laps ended the race.  If you polled most drivers they would agree that green flag racing is much more exciting than following the pace car around any track.

When ASRS was founded in 2002 it was a short track league and through four different platforms (NASCAR Racing 3 in 2002, NASCAR Heat 2002-2004, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season 2004-2011 and iRacing 2011-current) the format stayed true to the short tracks, it was the “bread and butter” of ASRS, with the Camping World Truck Series the only “big track series” when it was created in 2005.  ASRS has continued that tradition each year, but originally the short tracks were off the schedule for 2016.  After the changes earlier this year and with the rebuilding process at full speed short tracks will become a major part of the 2016 campaign and as ASRS President Jim Foose puts it “hopefully for many years to come”.

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“The changes for 2016 were not easy to make, but we listened to our membership and went with their ideas as well as myself taking a more hands-on approach to developing drivers and building our membership base” Foose said.  “I’ve spent some time working with many of our new faces over the past six weeks just offering driving assistance, help with learning new tracks and trying to offer then advice based on what I’ve learned doing this for the past 15 years.  My goal from the beginning of this league has been to give the average Joe a place to have fun and race, I’ve always tried to be budget minded and make it easy and affordable to race with us, our partners over the off-season did not share the same philosophy.  Now, running a season is not cheap, but the track buying plan I designed for many of our rookie members keeps track purchases in 3 item packs designed around bi-weekly pay checks, it has helped a few drivers pick and choose what to buy and when to buy it to maximize the value they will get from each track.  After 2016, they will have all the content required to run both the Camping World Truck Series and the Xfinity Series, barring any track additions to those schedules.  After 2016 they could expand their track inventory to include tracks used in other series and they will still be able to compete for the full season on with us with very little investment required in year two or three.”

ASRS is proud of the growth and new drivers we have brought on board over the past seven weeks, things are looking to build up to a great season with close racing and many winners!  Join in the fun at

Baskins Goes Back to Back with Atlanta Win


(HAMPTON, GA)  Robby Baskins is on a roll, winning his first two Camping World Truck Series starts.  The #46 Silverado team has hit it’s marks each time out this year, but Atlanta was not a slam dunk.

A lap 11 caution when the #13 of Jason Linder and the #44 Eric Bannenberg made contact sending Linder spinning off turn two. slowed the field for the first time.  The race’s second caution flew on lap 22 as the #18 of Brandon Short, who start on pole and led early, made contact with Joe Johnson.  Short’s Toyota was damaged and forced to exit the race early as a result of contact with the wall.


Bannenberg gambled on the restart, staying on track under caution to assume the lead, a move that had many drivers questioning that strategy.  Robby Baskins took the lead shortly after the restart and was chased by Jim Foose, who made his return to the #42 Chevrolet after years of campaigning the #2, in second.

When pit stops started on lap 51, Foose was the first one off as the green flag pit stops mixed up the running order, but a speeding penalty cost Foose the lead.  Cody Rose remained on the track until lap 57 when Baskins retook the lead for the final time in the 65 lap race.


Baskins drove to victory over Jamie Vaughn in second, Justin Vaughn third, with Bannenberg fourth and Mike Thompson rounding out the top five.

The Camping World Truck Series is off until March 15th, when the tailgaters invade Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California for the first night race of 2016.  The ASRS Xfinity Series takes center stage next Tuesday with a 100 mile race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Baskins Basks in Daytona Glory!

12728782_10154619768954778_7833898579008777361_n (DAYTONA BEACH, FL) Robby Baskins made his first ASRS start a successful outing as he took his #46 Silverado to Victory Lane.

Baskins led the field to the green after posting the fastest qualifying time and was joined by Cody Rose on the front row.  Early on, Baskins #46 was in control but charges from Eric Bannenberg, Jamie Vaughn, Jason Linder and Brandon Short kept the action up front close.


Three cautions slowed the pace slightly, but a long green flag run in the middle portion of the race led the field to run single file for nearly 20 laps.  Two late race cautions bunched the field up and set up the fantastic finish we saw with the leaders crossing the finish line three wide.

Baskins took the win, with Joe Johnson second, followed by Jamie Vaughn, Zack Calloway, and Justin Vaughn who rounded out the top five.


Atlanta Motor Speedway hosts the next round of the ASRS Camping World Truck Series next week.  The slick and rough 1.54 mile tri-oval has been s staple on the Camping World Truck Series schedule for nearly every season of it’s existence.

Pearce Wins 1st Race at Daytona


(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) Winning at Daytona International Speedway regardless of the event, but winning your first ASRS race at Daytona is bigger than anything else.  Stephen Pearce experienced just that as he carried his brand new team to the Winner’s Circle.

The green flag flew with Ernest Smith, Jr. leading the field to the green alongside of Shawn Musick.  The race would go just two laps before the first caution would fly when the #78 of Zack Calloway spun off of turn two and collected Justin Vaughn’s #7 Toyota.  The race would stay green until lap 17 when Jim Foose spun collecting Ernest Smith, Jr. and Scotty Williamson.  Foose continued on with little damage to his #2, while Smith and Williamson were damaged  and required lengthy repairs.


The final caution flew on lap 33 as Cody Rose and Stephen Pearce made contact in the tri-oval, sending Rose up towards the wall and collecting Brandon Short.  The restart that ensued showcased side by side racing, with no driver pulling away.  Eric Banneberg put his #00 Tide Camaro in the lead and had his teammate Foose pushing before Pearce moved into the middle.  As the field crossed the start-finish line for the two to go signal, Bannenberg’s #00 wiggled before spinning around and collecting Jason Kristen and Foose.  The crash allowed Pearce to drive away to a sizeable lead.  Cody Rose would come clear the incident to take over second.


Pearce took home his first win with Rose second, Foose limped around the track to finish third, followed by Don Runkle and Sam Collum to round out the top five.

The ASRS Xfinity Series returns to action at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 1st.  The Camping World Truck Series will race the next two Tuesday nights.  Registration is free of charge and remains open for both series.

Kristen Takes First Win, Bannenberg Finally a Champion

(CHARLOTTE, NC)  For three weeks the talk in the ASRS Super Truck Series garage has been the hot streak that former ASRS Champion Jim Foose has been on, but that all changed as the series hit the Beast of the Southeast for the season finale.

Brandon Short led the field to the green and was joined by ASRS veteran Jason Kristen.  Short would jump to an early lead.  An early pit stop that saw the remainder of the field stay on track until a caution flew just laps later.  Andrew McCall led his first ASRS laps in the #44 but he lost the lead to Jason Kristen.  Kristen would go head to head with Scotty Williamson in the #55, Williamson was able so sneak past to lead one lap.

Foose, fresh off three wins in a row slipped early and hit the wall in turn 2 and was unable to regain the speed necessary to contend for the win.  Short’s #18 also made hard contact mid race and lost the handle.


In the end it was Kristen leading Williamson to the checkered flag, the win is Kristen’s first in ASRS competition and first race win in over nine years.  Williamson settled for second , Short was third while Foose was fourth followed by McCall in fifth.

Eric Bannenberg was able to bring the #00 home for his first ASRS Championship.  It was a homecoming for Bannenberg, as he joined ASRS in 2005 and carried the #00 for many years before moving into a merry-go-round of numbers the past few years.  Sam Collum was second in the championship 11 points away from being crowned champion.